Man Sues Couple He Took Hostage. Couple Broke Deal Not To Tell Police.

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    TOPEKA, Kan. -- Can there be no trust between a kidnapper and his hostages?

    A man who held a Kansas couple hostage in their home while fleeing from authorities is suing them, claiming that they broke an oral contract made when he promised them money in exchange for hiding him from police.

    "I, the defendant, asked the Rowleys to hide me because I feared for my life. I offered the Rowleys an unspecified amount of money which they agreed upon, therefore forging a legally binding oral contract," Dimmick said in his hand-written court documents. He wants $235,000, in part to pay for the hospital bills that resulted from him being shot by police when they arrested him.

    Read more: Kan. Man Sues Couple He Took Hostage - Kansas City News Story - KMBC Kansas City
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    And they say there is no honor among thieves.

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