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Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by kptvol, Jun 19, 2017.

  1. kptvol

    kptvol Super Moderator

    I've always had Verizon except for a brief run with ATT several years ago, which drove me crazy. Are Sprint and all these other networks that used to suck now seriously as good as Verizon? Anyone have any recent experience to share?
  2. Volst53

    Volst53 Super Moderator

    I've always had Verizon but I've been having a lot of dropped calls lately.

    I'm thinking of going to us cellular
  3. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    So that's what did it.

    I'm Verizon too. Also having tons of dropped calls.
  4. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    I had nextel a long time ago and switched to Verizon.

    I can't complain, so I've never really thought about changing
  5. droski

    droski Super Moderator

    Verizon still rated number 1, but i'm not sure there is much of a difference anymore unless you live in the country
  6. IP

    IP Grusader Knight Errant of the 8th Order

    On a technical level, many of the other ones are just paying for space on Verizon and atts networks
  7. Joseph Brant

    Joseph Brant Airbrush Aficionado

    Sprint works pretty good for me, I've got nothing to complain about.
  8. InVolNerable

    InVolNerable Fark Master Flex

    Pay $100/mth, all inclusive, for 2 lines of unlimited everything on t-mobile. Get $10 per line back if we use under 2gb of data
  9. g8terh8ter_eric

    g8terh8ter_eric Contributor

    I switched to Project Fi by Google. Haven't had any issues with the service, except out in the boondocks away from major highways/interstates. I pay under $60/month for unlimited calls and texts, 1GB data per month, phone, and phone insurance. Once the phone is paid for, I will drop the insurance and pay $35/month or less. They also give you credit for any unused data on next month's bill. Data is $10/GB. I don't use over that because I am on WiFi pretty much everywhere I go. The best part is that it uses Sprint, T-Mobile, and US Cellular networks, so you pretty much have great signal all the time near the major roads. It only works on a couple of phones though.
  10. JudgmentVol

    JudgmentVol Member

    Damn, that's steep. The price of data is ridiculous -- especially considering how cheap it is to service the product.
  11. TangoUniform

    TangoUniform Contributor

    i've got verizon and yeah, data is stupid expensive.
  12. dc4utvols

    dc4utvols Contributor

    Family Mobile ( Walmart using T-mobile) ~125/ mo after taxes and fees. 3 lines unlimited talk text data.

    Data drops to 2G speeds after 5GB. All 3 lines are independent of each others data.

    I have had Suncom, Cingular, ATT and T-moblie.

    I have never given Verizon a thought because of the cost.

    Heck I think $125 is too much.
  13. warhammer

    warhammer Chieftain

    Looked for a thread to stick this question in. Found this. It's kind of a right place.

    So, I need to unlock my AT&T phone. When I put in my IMEI on their website, it tells me that my phone is not an AT$T phone. I will call them tomorrow I guess. I've been up too late as it is, and their customer service sucks. Has anyone encountered this before? I bought the phone from them, and still owe money on it. Obviously, it's an AT&T phone.
  14. lumberjack4

    lumberjack4 Chieftain

    Carriers generally won't unlock your phone until you've paid it off.
  15. warhammer

    warhammer Chieftain

    Yes. I would think they would at least claim it as one of their phones though.

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