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Discussion in 'Sports' started by rbroyles, Mar 2, 2012.

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    A Fantastic announcement for the Pick'Em Contest. Due to the generosity and desire to support the contest of the Administers and Super Moderators, I am very pleased, hell I'm ecstatic to announce a meaningful increase in the prize money for the contest. I also am announcing an exciting change in format suggested by The Dooz.

    First the change; I have decided after hearing Dooz's suggestion to split the points championship into two segments having a first half and second half winner with the split coming at the July race in Daytona. Therefore if you fall out of contention early, you have a second chance. But wait, that's not all, there will still be an overall points winner, so there are three chances to win.

    What can you win you may be asking? Well Sparky each segment winner gets $50 and the overall winner gets $100! That is double the prize over at you know where.

    Now you might be asking "how can I thank these guys?" Surely you are, right? Here's how, help spread the word to the players over you know where of what we have available. Now you might say, "well rb, we sure are grateful and all, but that means there would be more competition for me." Shame, shame, shame on you!!! When were true Volunteers afraid of some competition? The more players you beat, the sweeter the victory. You are with me, right? Sure you are! Just do it now before the Phoenix deadline.

    Thanks to Tenny D, Kptvol, Dooz, JustinGroves, CardinalVol, Float, Volfanbill, and another guy for making this possible.
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    Great idea and great post.
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    thank you and thank you

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