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    We'd like to begin some active recruitment of new posters here on the 8th, and would appreciate your help in spreading the word. If you would like to tell others about us, here are three (3) simple ways of doing so:

    1. Like us on Facebook (directly, from your FB account)
    You can find the 8th Maxim's new FB account by going here: The 8th Maxim - Wall | Facebook, simply friend or like us to keep up with the latest news and notes - not to mention regular wall updates from some of your favorite posters.

    2. Share specific threads with others via your FB or Twitter account
    You'll notice that the first post in every thread now carries several options to share its content via social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

    What's best is that it only calculates the number of times that someone "Likes" or Tweets it, meaning, it doesn't list your social media information if you select it (so you can remain anonymous, here (if you prefer).

    3. Invite Others to Join
    You can use the "Invite" tab (up top, right below the main site's logo, beside "New") to add as many different email addresses as you'd like to invite to check the site out. What's more, it provides both a standard blurb of invitation, as well as an active link to visit and register - all you have to do is supply the email addresses.

    Thanks in advance for any help you might provide in advancing our social media reach.

    Advanced User Tagging
    Do you ever want to let someone know that you mentioned / quoted them in the course of a thread, or to be notified when someone mentions or quotes you? Now you can, thanks to the advanced tagging mod.

    To tag someone's name, simply insert the "@" symbol immediately before the username of the person you wish to tag. Once successfully completed, the tagged username will appear in bold and underlined letters, and they will be alerted to it the next time they log in (via the notifications window, where PM's also appear).

    For example: [MENTION=48]NYYVol[/MENTION]
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