Obamacare Mandate Kicking Insurance Agents To The Curb

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  1. It is only another 100,000 jobs.

    Obamacare Mandate Kicking Insurance Agents To The Curb - Yahoo! News
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    I'm at a loss. I have no idea what this means.
  3. Obamacare mandates how a large percentage premium dollars must be spent.

    Commisions and salaries are being cut to make sure companies can meet the required percentages laid out under Obamacare.
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    Yea, that I think I managed to elicit. Except for maybe how premiums and commissions are having to be cut to meet those numbers.

    Seems to me, and I have absolutely zero knowledge of insurance, insurance sales, or the like, but it seems like if you are required to spend $0.80/0.85 on every dollar on health care... that that shouldn't affect commissions or salaries, unless people are using their insurance more than normal.

    Meaning, if I have a $1,000/yr policy, and seek medical care worth $800, then the amount has been met. If I have a $1,000/yr policy, and spend $150, then that difference to make it to $800/$850 can be used by someone who spends $1650 on medical services.

    It still leaves 15%-20% for salaries and commissions. Are people simply using their insurance more this year, or ... what is different this year that is driving up to the MLR vs a couple years ago when there wasn't an 80% MLR?
  5. On top of commissions I'm sure you have, administrative costs, legal costs (huge I'm sure), fraud, etc. That probably just scratches the surface.
  6. I wonder if anyone here has a current insurance license?
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    I want to argue, but I just don't know much about insurance or Obamacare.
  8. Do you understand 100,000 jobs going away?
  9. You run right behind me trying to start bullshit every post I make, and I'm the one that wants to argue?

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