Operation G.I. Jane

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by VolDad, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Stats seem misleading, but... I wouldn't put it past higher. Seems like they should get a hardship deferment, though. Even if immediate family is able to care for them. There is absolutely no role in the military that absolutely requires a female, other than the one job that requires females to perform female to female searches. And I'm pretty sure we have enough single chics to go grouping up the small number of females we search.

    Equality for all, though.
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    equality is equality... Kind of confused on why they would protest on this one. Offer them a discharge.
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    personally i think it's bullshit that women can go to the reserves, collect all the money for essentially one weekend of work a month, and then get pregnant and avoid deployment. it's part of the job. if you are single and you are in the military and get pregnant i file this under "tough shit your problem not ours."
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    Girl I graduated high school with did exactly this. What makes it worse is that, despite NEVER leaving the country, she constantly posts shit like "Keep us soldiers in your thoughts and prayers," "what it's like being a soldier," and so forth on facebook like she's ever done something.

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