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  1. DownNDirty

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    I've done radio for nearly 15 years and I'm going to get into podcasting. A few friends are doing podcasts related to old school wrestling and got me motivated to do my own. I'm going to do a NASCAR recap show and since it's a podcast it can be uncensored. I've put together a logo (I'm no artist) and a preliminary intro (I'm no music editor either) in preparation for the show. Any constructive criticism will be welcome. I will share the prelim intro below:

  2. JT5

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    I'm thinking of giving the podcasting thing a try as well.
  3. NYYVol

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    Luna should be able to help. He was the best I ever heard.
  4. JayVols

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    You're just another miserable person in the League of Miserables known as 8th Maxim.
  5. InVolNerable

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    He made more posts about his podcasts than he had listeners. It would have been hilarious if it wasn't so pathetic...

    Who am I kidding, it was absolutely hilarious how pathetic it was.
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    Came here to post this.
  7. Indy

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    Came here just to post this.
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    If you ever want a perspective look from the "back in the day" angle, I know a guy.
  10. Tenacious D

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    I love podcasts, and enjoy quite an array of them.

    I'll be happy to add yours, Down.

    Certainly, I'll enjoy yours JT5...and will be glad to do an unspoken cameo, whenever you may need me.
  11. lumberjack4

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    I'd shorten the intro down to about 30 seconds no more than a minute. Enjoyed several of the sound bites in there.
  12. IP

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    Came here just to post this.
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    Absolutely. That was the preliminary intro to the show. I'll probably play it on the first show but for all subsequent shows it will be 30-45 seconds tops. Just like an intro bumper. I'll probably have several of them actually but they will all be much, much shorter.
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  15. kidbourbon

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    I don't love podcasts; I just would rather listen to music.

    But I've also thought about doing one myself. I have interesting things to say and my voice is straight audible chocolate.

  16. NYYVol

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  17. DownNDirty

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  18. Dick Huffman

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    DND, I enjoyed the content, pace, and sound. I'd also be surprised to find out you didn't have voice training because you sounded professional. As a person who only watches a handful of races a year, I could see myself listening to this show regularly.

    Excellent job.
  19. DownNDirty

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    I have worked part time at a radio station for 15 years now. I don't have any actual professional training or a voice for radio exactly but when you've been around professional guys for as long as I have you just pick up on some of the things that they do. I appreciate your feedback.

    Here is a short highlight clip of week 2 show. I think overall it was a bit better. It will take us all probably the entire season to gel together. That just don't come overnight. I will actually have the voice of Speedway Motor sports tracks Ozzie Altman on with me next week for an interview. Also working on Jeremy Mayfield as well. Just doing the show for fun but for the effort we are putting in I would like to bring some legitimacy to it and get at least a small niche following.


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