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    His only hope is single man coverage on the outside and the rushers don’t manage to get to him when he throws it at some random time, which has nothing to do with the coverage or pressure, and then the receiver manages to win a jump ball situation on an underthrown pass or the defender and receiver get tangled up enough to draw a flag. That’s the Guarantanoffense.
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    This is 100% accurate. It's also why Kevin Steele is an overrated defensive coordinator
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    Eh, is he overrated? I think all Auburn folks have him pretty fairly pegged. With the right personnel (which he’s had all 4 of his years at AU) he can give you an elite defense. That said, you’re gonna get burnt sometimes if your opponent can hit those plays JG was hitting last year. Most teams can’t.
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    [uck fay] Auburn
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    When did a slight tug on the facemask become front page news? Seriously, when did this become taboo?

    I remember watching Lou Holtz drag a 300 pound lineman off the field at Notre Dame by his face mask, from the hash to the sidelines.

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    Send him first class if that speeds up the process and send me the bill. That'd be money well spent.
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    When feelings started being a substitute for reality.

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    when i saw the face mask thing my first impression was JG giving him a go to hell look and Pruitt wasn't done with him yet - not a damn thing wrong with that
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    When you guys look at Pruitt yelling at garanatano , pay attention to the look that Kennedy was giving him. That was one pissed off olineman looking at his QB!
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    The more I think about last night, the madder I get. Pruitt has these kids ready to play and it showed. They played their hearts out. Between bad penalty calls,(which even my wife noticed that once we got inside the 20 that the refs started throwing flags) and the boneheaded thing JG did, we were in position to win that game. I truly believe that if we get the right kids in this recruiting cycle, we beat bama next year at Neyland. And again to the snowflakes that think Pruitt went overboard on JG, have they ever watched Saban, Muscamp, Smart or any other head coach that wants to win not do the same thing? Heck as a coach, coaching my on sons, I’ve grabbed their face mask. That’s with their momma in the stands too!
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    It's been decades since I got up on Sunday morning and the first thing on my mind was the frigging football game.
    Thinking in spite of the zebras shitting their pants we had the LED blinking turd heads on their heels with an inept QB.
    In all these years, I've never seen a so-so QB in year 2 go to a so-terrible QB in year 3.
    After the face mask thing, Pruitt should have just kicked him in the butt when he turned around, for the icing on the cake.
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    I definitely witnessed John Wade Tucker literally kick the scout team qb’s ass at least once
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    Holy shit lol
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    I watched a coach pick a player up one handed by his jersey and later smack a guy upside the head for screwing up for the millionth time. He did apologize to the second guy.
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    I actually agree with Rucker on this one.

    Coaches shouldn't be yanking facemasks.

    But Pruitt wasn't violent or on a power trip when he grabbed JG. I'm not going to get my panties in a wad over that.
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    Seek help.
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    No oxford comma. Can’t take it seriously.
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    I don’t get it. Maybe it’s my age. I was 10 years old when I got tackled by a younger kid who shoestringed me. Next thing I know coach is swatting my butt. “Pick up your feet!” So what? I hate the softness that is so embraced. You’re telling me a football coach touched a players mask in such a way that worst case it’s a 15yd penalty on a player (should be incidental) for overriding a play call that turned into a Fumble Six...and that’s an issue??? No! No! No!

    I could rant...but as much as I doubt Pruitt STOCK UP for giving enough of a damn to show it.
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    I greatly respected John Tucker. When my son played, his team was always our toughest opponent, because of his coaching.
    At the region banquet, he told my son he could be on his team anytime.
    Of course, that won me over also.
    Thanks for posting, that brings back fond memories.
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