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Discussion in 'Sports' started by volfanjo, Apr 9, 2012.

  1. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Ever seen a player on TV and you're like, "Holy crap, they still are in the league?" I had one of those moments just now seeing Marlon Byrd at bat. He was terrible with Philly like six years ago. How does he have a job?

    Feel free to post random baseball thoughts throughout the season.
  2. Yu Darvish looks like he has the goods but he cant find the strike zone.
  3. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Is this game on TV VKB, or do you have the MLB package?
  4. hallowed_hill

    hallowed_hill Active Member

    Direct previews it the first two weeks. Pretty nice
  5. dknash

    dknash Chieftain

    Byrd had a pretty good year with the Rangers a couple years back. I think the Cubs gave him a multi-year deal after that. So, predictably, the answer is Cubs.
  6. I have mlb.tv
  7. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Great Man

    He's actually been a solid player for the Cubs. Me being a Cardinals fan, you don't have to worry about bias towards the positive.
  8. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    That's more an indictment of the Cubs, I think.
  9. tidwell

    tidwell Chieftain

    Really looked like the Phillies offense was in decline even with aging Utley and strikeout machine Howard... but take them out and it's even more of a trainwreck. Halladay, Hamels and Lee gonna have to earn that money this year.
  10. volfanbill

    volfanbill Active Member

    If the dictionary on baseball had a picture for average role player, Marlon Byrd would be it. He hits somewhere around .280 or .290 but he doesn't get a lot of extra base hits of any kind, he's not a stolen base threat and he's not going to wow you in the outfield. You're going to show up at a game one day, ask your buddy who that guy is playing outfield and say "Oh wait, that's Marlon Byrd, I always forget he plays baseball." He's just good enough to play every day, but just bad enough so that you can't unload him on someone else to bring in someone new.
  11. 615 Vol

    615 Vol Chieftain

    I can't believe Jamie Moyer is still pitching at 49.
  12. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    I love Ozzie Guillen. Never a dull moment, even if he's not the best of reaching out to the fanbase.
  13. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Ozzie doesn't hide his thoughts
  14. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    What do you guys think of Bryce Harper's swing? His hands are awfully quick but not quick enough for the hitch in his swing. I would think good pitchers will figure him out before too long.
  15. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Hamels will be a great test for Harper tonight. Looks to be a good Sunday night game.
  16. volfanjo

    volfanjo Chieftain

    Round 1 goes to Harper. Stealing home on a pick play. Nice.
  17. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    I realize people are going to hate him just because, but Harper is going to be a stud.
  18. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    I like him and I have to appreciate Cole's honesty about beaning him
  19. BearCat204

    BearCat204 Chieftain

    Impressed with Harper, especially how he handled the situation with Cole beaning him. He has been very different from the earlier thoughts on him being very brash and full of himself. I also like that he has been playing well and doing the little things.

    This is the first year in a while that I have followed baseball......funny that a videogame has sparked my interest in the league again. That a the MLB channel that I had always flipped over up til this year.
  20. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    He was a 17 and 18 year old who was the best baseball player in the country for his age. He acted pretty much how a 17 and 18 year old does. But yeah, he's grown up a lot in the last 6-12 months.

    And MLB Network is just great. Their highlight shows just blow ESPN away. There are nights if they wife isn't home that I'll just flip over there and watch it all night.

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