Republicans are evil; William A. (Bill) Whittle's A Voter's Guide to Republicans

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by SavageOrangeJug, Jan 7, 2012.

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    Any time people start labeling big groups as "evil," you know it is bullshit.
  2. It helps to actually watch the video, BEFORE trying to spout off some politically correct bullshit. You won't look quite so idiotic to those who did listen to what Mr. Whittle had to say.

    BTW, sometimes large groups are evil.

    EDIT: Unless of course, you were pointing out that liberals are full of shit for trying to paint all Republicans as evil.
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    I guess my main issue is the fact that Lincoln and especially Thaddeous Stephens and Charles Sumner don't exactly strike me as small government pro states' rights champions. A lot of selective highlights in that. But then again, the 'evil' Repubs don't have a monopoly on that.
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    I was saying calling all Republicans evil is stupid. I am sorry you apparently disagree with me.

    And it is hilariously ironic that you have deemed all liberals as painting Republicans as evil, and being "full of shit." You are apparently the pot calling the kettle black.
  5. He wasn't calling all Republicans evil. He was making fun of your side for doing it.

    However, I can name several big groups that are evil.

    The communists/socialists that killed 150 million people last century
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    What is "my side?"

    There were rare individuals in the Nazi party who were not "evil."

    Communists/socialists is an awful vague group. I'm not sure whether some of the despots you undoubtedly include in that are communists in any way other than by their own claim.

    Islam is not evil.

    I really don't know why I even respond to you. I think I'm done for awhile.
  7. You are politically correct to the point of absolute stupidity. Your side is the the 'left'. You claim to be a centerist, but that is total bullshit.

    Defending the Nazis and brutal Communist regimes now? Those damn bigoted history books just portrayed them in a bad light?

    BTW, it seems like not a day goes by that you don't read of the latest Islamic attacks on innocent people. Yes, Islam is VERY evil. Ask the Christians in Nigeria...OOPS...hard to ask murder victims anything. The bigoted media reporting all those bad things about the 'religion of peace'?
  8. I am fed up with them. Do you see the 'peaceful' Muslims their defenders keep talking about, trying to stop such action as these? Hell no, you don't.

    Nigerian Christians killed in fresh attacks | GlobalPost

    Every [uck fay]ing day it is a new attack of some sort by these EVIL bastards.
  9. If it bothers you, don't read them, it is that simple.

    It is like everything I post here is challenged anyway, so I really don't give a [uck fay].
  10. Y'all take this place too serious. It is only the Internet.

    It is like VN. I got banned there, and never went back for over two years. Not even once. Until I tried to pull up the message exchange between volmanbill and I, there was no reason to go back. People here are obsessed with VN. I don't go [itch bay]ing because there are forty-eleven threads on the place, or that the site gets rehashed in every football thread that is created.

    This place plays a MUCH larger role in the lives of a lot of people here, than it does mine.

    There are 97 super moderators here. If I bother people that bad, any of you can feel free to 'vollygirl' my account at your leisure.
  11. God damned bumpkin? Listen you ignorant [uck fay]. You stupid ass country boys are the bumpkins.

    I don't give a good [uck fay] if the next terrorist attack your beloved Muslims pull, happens at your [uck fay]ing house.

    I simply said you could kill my account and it wouldn't bother me. No need for the attack, you punk ass [uck fay]ing [itch bay]. [uck fay] off and die!

    Stupid [Weiner Sucker]s here defending Nazis, and I'm the bigot.
  12. You use a pic of some poor kid with Downs as a lame attempt at humor?

    That's pretty [uck fay]ing sorry.
  13. Like they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, and any other infidels?

    Inside My Head...: Brigitte Gabriel- expert on the Middle East
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    For the love of christ, stop. We will not have a gsvol on this site, not because I give a [uck fay]ing shit what stupid shit you say, but because it is annoying as shit and you whine anytime anyone calls you on it.
  15. I'm in favor of defending this nation against a menace as evil as the Nazis ever thought of being.
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  16. Go piss up up a [uck fay]ing rope. You mother[uck fay]ers whine everytime someone's opinion is different from yours.

    Like I said, hotshot. Feel free to 'vollygirl' the account. I don't give a [uck fay]. This place is not a huge part of my life, as it seems to be some people's here.
  17. No, and I'm damn sure not going to let them exterminate me for mine either.
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    Your wish is granted, mother[uck fay]er. Now you can go [itch bay] about me at the next site you grace with your presence

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