Say a prayer for Smokin' Joe

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  1. Joe Frazier was always a class act in a sport filled with seedy characters. A true gentlemen in every respect.

    Ex-heavyweight champ Joe Frazier has liver cancer
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    We talked about this in the boxing thread.

    Joe Frazier is in my top-5 favorite athletes of all time. His gym has done a lot of good for a lot of people in North Philadelphia.
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    Joe Frazier passed away tonight. I loved that guy.
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    There is a lot of great commentary on his career going around at the moment. Dan Rafael's article provides a good summary. Here is a link to the Philadelphia Inquirer's coverage. Stan Hochman's material is great.

    Joe Frazier Retrospective | Philly
  5. Sad day for the sport of boxing.

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    My Dad died of liver cancer a few years ago. I hate to hear that for Joe and hope he's not in too much pain.

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    RIP. Hope he didn't suffer too much.
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    Was in Philly a few weeks ago and went up to Joe's old gym. The thing was shuttered and had been turned into a mattress store. I had known this but just saw it for the first time; the place used to really bustle.

    Really sad and depressing to see what became of it all -- Frazier, Ali, the whole damn industry.
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    Ha, sog thread bump.
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    Frazier has kids who were pro boxers. Why wouldn't one of them take over the gym?
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