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  1. fl0at_

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    Traveling around various UGA boards, trying to find some rational discussion on the Boise State game, I seem to be finding lots of Georgia fans proclaiming that the East is theirs to win, this year.

    It is, of course, wide open, but I think the majority of here can offer some frank and intelligent reasons for, or against, any team in the East.

    So, let me start by asking: Why does Georgia feel that this year is their year to win the East, when several have them penciled in as near automatic wins, us, here, included?

    They open vs Boise State, which should prove to be an interesting game, but I feel Boise puts it on them.

    Then, their very next game is South Carolina, a strong favorite to win the East this year.

    There are some out there who say that 0-2 with 0-1 in SEC start doesn't put them out of contention, which is true, but I think, at best, it leaves them in a very deep hole that requires lots of losses by every team in the SEC-E.

    I also don't find that this year will be the same as last year. Surely the East is down, in comparison to the West, but I don't see it as being as down as it was last year. I think Georgia fans seem to be hoping that a 2 or 3 loss team can win the East, which is the only way I seem them playing in the Dome in December.

  2. VolDad

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    The season sets up well for them if they can get through the first 2 games
    Coastal Carolina
    @ Ole Miss
    Miss State
    @ Vandy
    UF in Jax
    New Mexico State
    @ GT

    I hope for an 0-2 start. I don't see them digging out of that hole.

    Miss State and UT are not a given. I think that this is their year to beat UF.
  3. countvolcula

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    Georgia wont win the east. They will be lucky to be third

    They lose to Boise St. , UT, Florida, and Miss. St.
  4. VolDad

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  5. fl0at_

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    Forgive the ignorance, but I seem to forget this every year. How important is Miss. State in terms of winning the East? I thought the East winner was based on the win/loss standings of the teams in the East, not the overall conference wins/losses.

    I have no idea why I think this, though.

    Hm. Just read up on the selection criteria. I'm sure I'll forget again, though.
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  6. fl0at_

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  7. VolDad

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    Division standings are based on each team's overall conference record. Often, two or more teams tie for the best record in their division and each team is recognized as a divisional co-champion. However, tiebreakers are used to determine who will represent the division in the championship game.

    tiebreakers can be found here:
  8. fl0at_

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    Yea, just read that. Seems wacky, to me. I guess that is why I keep forgetting that is how it breaks down.

    If we take two schools in the East, we'll say us and South Carolina, and have a hypothetical match up where we go 5-0 in the East, and SC goes 4-1, but we drop all three of our West games, and SC only drops 2... they represent the East. Just seems screwy, in my mind.

    So, if we won out in the East, but SC beats Miss. State and Auburn (both of whom we don't play), they are the better team in the East?

    It seems, at least to me, that our conference championship has many of the same flaws that people complain about with the BCS, in that, a weaker schedule sets teams up for a better road to the conference championship.

    I penciled UGA as 4-4, SC 6-2, UF 4-4 and UT 3-5.

    We'll see how that plays out. Probably very, very incorrect, but thankfully I don't get paid to make such calls.
  9. JT5

    JT5 Super Moderator

    Pretty sure that's incorrect. In your scenario, Tennessee and SC would both be 5-3 in SEC play and Tennessee would own the head-to-head matchup over SC, so the Vols would rep the east in Atlanta.
  10. fl0at_

    fl0at_ Humorless, asinine, joyless pr*ck

    Yea, I misspoke. Will happen often. What I meant to say was SC goes 2-1 against the West, resulting in a 6-2. Let me back up, they beat Miss. State and Auburn, but fall to Arkansas, as we do. So, they are 6-2, we are 5-3, but we beat SC head to head, and are "undefeated" in the East.
  11. justingroves

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    UGA has no returning WRs with any experience. Orson Charles, a TE, is their best offensive weapon right now.

    They lost 2 tailbacks over the summer. Right now, the have a converted LB and a true freshman at TB (the freshman was considered the best prep TB in the country).

    They lost 3 OL over the summer as well.

    Murray is a good QB but is he going to have any help? I don't think he will.

    UGA's D lost quite a bit of talent too and they weren't that great to begin with.

    UGA starts 0-2, they fold and struggle to finish 6-6.

    Wins over Coastal Carolina, Ole Miss, Vandy, New Mexico State, Auburn or UK but not both and GT.
  12. IP

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    For those of you saying Georgia will have 3 or so losses in the SEC, 3 losses in the SEC-E may be enough to win it. Just sayin'.
  13. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    I'd say it's likely 5-3 could get the job done.
  14. hatvol96

    hatvol96 Well-Known Member

    Georgia has a shot, but I'm going with Florida.
  15. countvolcula

    countvolcula New Member

    I'm going with Florida or South Carolina. Winner of that game wins the East

    I really, really want UT to win, but I just dont think we will have the DL and LBs. Plus our offense is still iffy.
  16. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    I've got UF going 7-5, 4-4 in SEC play.
  17. IP

    IP Super Moderator

    What do you have USCe doing?
  18. bigpapavol

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    SCe should be tremendous favorite. If UGA wins with that offense, Richt should be COY.
  19. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    Scratch that, I think UF beats UGA so that would put them at 8-4(5-3).
  20. I agree with the thought that SCe should win the east but one injury to Lattimore or Jeffery and they go right down the shitter with UGA.

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