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Discussion in 'VOLuminous' started by NYY, Mar 31, 2017.

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    You guys act like this is a bad thing.
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    It seems to be a bit of gloating since Frank is in the Final Four
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    It's incredibly petty.
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    He probably has had this thing drafted for years, just waiting, hoping he could hit send.
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    Yeah, and I could understand if Frank wrote it. I don't understand the writer's axe to grind.

    Currie didn't get along with Martin, who left and, after sucking for a while, made the Final Four as an improbable 7 seed. He also wasn't great friends with Bill Snyder. Currie is therefore a terrible AD, emblematic of what is wrong with college sports and society of a whole, and should be excoriated in a national column. Does that add up?
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    Was it a hit piece? Sure.

    Seems to fall in line with everything else that's been said about the guy here and at K-state though.
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    Why doesn't someone come out and say it? NYY has made it clear he hates Currie. And, there are many mentions of Kansas State and running off Frank Martin. But, what ACTUALLY happened. 2 people can fail to get along and neither is necessarily right or wrong. Or, one of them could be an incredible douche and do something tangible to undermine the other. For me, Currie isn't Blackburn. And, the circumstantial evidence is not good. Martin leaves K-State for USCe? That certainly doesn't add up. So, he must have pissed off his fair share of folks. But, I have not seen (and I don't have the time to scour the internet) any specific incident mentioned.

    So, I guess I am waiting to find out if there was an altercation, ultimatum, or other 'meddling' incident that really set this thing off. I like Martin's style, no doubt. Honestly, I am old school and manage with some intensity as well. But, as a pretty intense dude, you can see where he might not get along with someone who meddles. Not taking Currie's side, but generic statements should be taken with a shaker of salt.
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    Here is the actual important part of the piece:

    "Loyalty. Belief. Patience. Investment. And an allure to the solid things around you rather than the shiny things across the way, where the grass is greener.

    Two cases in point here.

    For Gonzaga, and Roth: Tommy Lloyd is the new Few, the coach-in-waiting who’s been at the school since just after that Elite Eight run, starting as an unpaid part of the staff. He’s a walking reminder of what this program is about, and that how the Zags got here is still the very DNA of where they’re going."

    This is why either Blackburn or Fulmer should be AD and some UT grad should be Chancellor and President.

    Often if not most times you build something over time and you continue it or build upon it by promoting from within. It doesnt always work out and I will not mention her name but hope she can get it done or someone else from the tree who has been successful elsewhere is hired to replace her. There are a ton of coaches from the legacy that are being successful at "lesser" schools.

    LOYALTY belief and patience are all in short supply on Rocky Top. Fulmer love him or hate him is responsible for the ONLY NC that has occurred in my lifetime. Look at the two greatest UT teams in my lifetime the 85-86 Sugar Vols and the 98 NCs. 85 was full of TN natives and 98s leader was Al Wilson. Orange blood, loyalty, belief and a will to win for UT is a recipe for success. Fulmer had it until he reached the mountaintop then he got complacent.

    Has Blackburn entire career not been a preparation on his part to be UTK AD? I love how the people at the top and their hired gun outsiders just pissed all over that loyalty and didnt even give him a fake interview like they did Fulmer. Fulmer love him or hate him has given most of his adult life to UT. Sure he was paid but this was the place he wanted to take to the top and he did. I was ready for him to leave as he had seemed to loose the fire but I have always respected him and what he did for UT in the 90s. I never speak ill of Majors either as he rebuilt UT but just couldn't take it to the next level.

    As the author says at the end "Good Luck Tennessee." With the direction we are headed at AD/Chancellor/President we probably need it.
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    Fulmer should not be AD. Inevitably, an AD has to make a really tough personnel decision. They also have to "manage" the money and scrutinize hires. I do not think that is Fulmer's strength. I, as most on here, would have been happy with Blackburn.

    I think you must be careful with the loyalty angle. You cannot be loyal to a coach who is significantly under-performing long-term. In Gonzaga's case, promoting from within makes sense. And, who would not keep a B-Ball coach winning 28 games a season for 20 years? However, most Power 5's look to those who have already done the job. There will be exceptions, but Assistants and Coordinators who have Head Coach potential are usually not willing to sit long-term as an assistant. And, if the Currie-Martin relationship was strained, why would you want to risk perpetuating that with the next hire. On the other side of the coin, in Tennessee's case, we did have a qualified, proven, Tennessee guy available.

    As for the writer of this article, his original story after the Weber hire had an interesting and accurate prediction that Currie would parlay a short-term decision and stay at K-State into a different job. It is also eerie that he predicted that the Weber hire would be attractive to University Boards and Presidents who [insinuated] are focused on optics over winning. So, all of this seems predictable and amateurish in hind-sight.
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    I'm just hoping Currie understands that everyone hates him and that his one chance at totally reversing everyone is to do whatever it takes to hire Gruden. It would be the ultimate zero to hero move.
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    Character, vision, desire etc are parts of a persons traits. Skills like management and hiring can always be learned. I thought Blackburn should have got it but would have been happy with Fulmer so long as he and the university were committed to him getting managerial training and bringing in hiring consultants. I agree with pretty much all you said and am sure that hiring from within does not always work. Loyalty to a hire shouldn't prevent you from replacing someone because loyalty to the school tops that.
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    About my lone hope for him is he gets winning in football solves all money woes.
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    That was one of his biggest reasons for wanting to get rid of Fulmer
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    Our new Chancellor has been hitting it out of the park lately, no?

    We'll see about Currie. Given recent UT history, not expecting much.
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    Davenport is an idiot. Currie at least understands football is king here

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