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  1. This would be the 2nd hire since Kiffin that I would actually be optimistic about. I was optimistic about the Shoop hire, who is a great coach everywhere except Tennessee, and I would be excited about K. Briles calling plays here.
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  2. kptvol

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    Cono is penis?
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    She said panocha, but I wasn't sure if Google could translate it, so I changed it to what Google said
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  5. 2Maggitt2Quit

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    Also seeing that he remained on staff after his dad was fired. Not sure how that lines up with the timeline of the investigation, but certainly better than the alternative.
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  9. A-Smith

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    Like Freeze, Briles also knows how to recruit.
  10. VOLinDAWGland

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    Basilio blames the Freeze to UT noise on Pruitt. What if it was Freeze and Sexton doing the plants all along? I don't see Pruitt playing that game.
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    Briles is interesting. He would be outside the box for Pruitt.
  12. 2Maggitt2Quit

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    Depending on where Freeze winds up, I think we'll know for sure.
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  13. IP

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    Brian Kelly killed a guy?
  14. Ssmiff

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    Basilio is a clown who throws shit against a wall and hope something is correct, then blames others when his bs is shown to be bs.
  15. Oldvol75

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    Had a player or someone die during a practice I can’t remember the story right off the top of my head at the moment
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    Made a staff member go up on a lift to film practice during heavy winds. Guy fell off and died. Kelly kept practicing.
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    I think somebody fell from the video scaffolding on a windy day and died.
  18. Ssmiff

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    A bunch of people failed common sense lessons that day. Not sure if anybody forced the kid up there. I cant recall. Thought it may have been a standard practice procedure day. Kid was tweeting as i recall. I pray my kids tell anybody to eff off if they feel in danger. Climb down and nobody gets hurt.
  19. Tar Volon

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    I was very pro-Wilcox as well. And I feel that that take has been justified in hindsight
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    That’s what I’m saying! The [uck fay]??

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