TOP 20 Predictions: GA TECH

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  1. Tenacious D

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    1. Final score
    2. Plays or series that Guarantano gets
    3. Total offensive yards for each team
    4. Total rushing yards for each team
    5. Total passing yards for Dormandy, Guarantano, and GATech
    6. TN Defensive MVP
    7. TN Offensive MVP
    8. TN Player of the Game
    9. TN's best performing offensive unit
    10. TN's worst performing offensive unit
    11. TN's best performing defensive unit
    12. TN's worst performing defensive unit
    13. Interceptions thrown by each team
    14. Will Shy Tuttle play and be be effective
    15. At what point (e.g. First quarter, second quarter, etc.) will the game have been decided
    16. If TN loses, what is likely to be Butch's biggest excuse in post game presser
    17. If TN wins, what new and freshly stupid phrase will Jones coin
    18. You'll know it's going GOOD / BAD for TN if....
    19. TN Best Overall Newcomer (first-time starter, frosh, etc.)
    20. What factor will most likely decide the game, other than final score, and for either / both teams
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    You expect us to care that much....
  4. JohnnyQuickkick

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    1. 34-27 TN
    2. 3 series
    3. TN 390 GT 350
    4. TN 180 GT 225
    5. Dormady 150 JG 60 GT 125
    6. Kelly, Jr
    7. JKelly
    8. JKelly
    9. RB
    10. WR
    11. DL
    12. LB
    13. TN 1 GT 2
    14. Won't play
    15. 3rd quarter
    16. QB's first start
    17. No idea
    18. Good: offense can move the ball Bad: offense continues to go 3 and out
    19. Ty Chandler
    20. Offense moves the ball enough, D gets a couple of turnovers
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    Can someone give me a TL;DR?
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    That is a serious insult to all vaginas everywhere.
  10. utvol0427

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    "Hey y'all, what the ****s gonna happen Monday?"
  11. fl0at_

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    "You can't expect our kids to work on a holiday."
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    You guys need new stadium focus
  14. BigOrangeBeech

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    16. Part Deux: "Lee Corso picked us."

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    Did anyone watch the FSU Alabama game yesterday... Did the lighting in the stadium seem off to anyone else?

    ****ed with my eyes a bit, but I can't put my finger on what was the exact problem.
  19. kmf600

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  20. utvol0427

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    I thought something looked off as well. The playing surface looked odd to me and I felt like they had half the lights in the place turned off.

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