Treasure Hunter Says He Has Located Bin Laden’s Body

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by VolDad, May 2, 2012.

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    Warren—who claims he has discovered more than 200 shipwrecks during his career as a treasure-hunter—says that bin Laden's body is still at that same location, deep under water. His thought is that, since the Navy weighted down the bag, the body hasn't moved from where it was dropped. He is now trying to rent Russian deep diving equipment to locate his payload, and to conduct DNA tests once he finds him.

    At least, that's what he believes. He says he pinpointed the drop point from photos recently released by the US Navy.

    This Treasure Hunter Says He Has Located Bin Laden's Body
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  3. JayVols

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    Obama is a commie fascist moslem liar that hates America.

  4. MaconVol

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    Whats the point in doing this?
  5. kptvol

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    Please. You are looking up taxidermists right now.
  6. droski

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    how could he possibly know the exact location and even if he did i bet it wouldn't be likely he'd find it.
  7. IP

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    Was thinking upright with arms raised like a bear. Add fangs and big black glass eyes. And Antelope horns.
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    I'm extremely skeptical for many, many reasons. One of which is any cavity or part of Osama's body retaining air or a pocket of gas would have exploded about 200 feet into his descent. Whatever is left of him is hamburger meat. And unless they vacuum packed his body, all sorts of critters have devoured him by now.
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    Would be more impressed if he could find 2Pac's body
  10. Beechervol

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    He dead?
  11. Beechervol

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    So a fart of Biblical proportions could ruin the whole deal?

    Had one of those the other day. It ruined mine as well.
  12. Beechervol

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    He gonna dig up a cousin somewhere and make millions.

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