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    Likely. I do wonder if Russia can reform their use of CAS before they launch their next debacle. They have failed in every aspect of this mess, and I would put most blame on their failure to adapt from Soviet Era doctrine, which isn't really any different than what was used on the Eastern Front.

    In the modern battlespace, junior officers and NCO's need to be able to make decisions without approval. Russian radios may as well not have 2 way functionality, orders come down and you follow them without question. The western AT weaponry has been huge, of course; Ukraine's ability to function as small independent units and be flexible to whatever is going on has been the big difference.
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  3. A-Smith

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    I hate Putin and Russia. I am also more than a little worried that we are seeing the escalation of this thing that will lead to WW3.
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    Yeah, he is apparently planning to annex parts of Ukraine.
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  6. IP

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    mysterious, frothing disturbance? The pipeline has lost pressure following an explosion. It's gas from a broken pipeline. You can clearly see two main plumes. Not mysterious.
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  7. A-Smith

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    right. We destroyed them.
  8. A-Smith

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    Maybe I shouldn't say "we." I don't completely understand the situation.
  9. IP

    IP It's just business.

    Someone did. Some claim it was the US, but I don't know that this is the case. The people saying it are generally pro-Russian. But I don't see how it benefits Russia. OR Europe. It would be pretty shitty of us to have done it.
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  10. Volst53

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    I don’t see why we would do it.

    Europe is already [uck fay]ed and hundreds of millions are going to die already around the world from this war.

    Germany is already about to lose their manufacturing ability from the natural gas and poor energy policies they’ve implemented
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  11. Indy

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    Hundreds of million?
  12. Volst53

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    There’s going to be a lot of people about to starve
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    Why on Earth would we do that? Of course we’ve carried out horrendous false flags before in the name of advancing the agenda of the military industrial complex. This one just doesn’t make sense however, why would we want to contribute to the freezing of Europeans? But damn, truly [uck fay] us if we actually played a part in that
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    So, on the low end, you estimate approximately 2.5% (someone check my math) of the world's population is going to starve?
  15. Volst53

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    yes over the next few years due to this war and fertilizer, and wheat crops. And on issues coming from China and them banning phosphate, and they’re the worlds largest producer of phosphorus for fertilizer due to a pork virus hitting Asia.

    China is having huge issues with their pork herd and going to have to cull almost of their pork herd and that’s going to force them to go heavy on rice to fed their population.

    china’s pork herd is larger than the rest of the worlds combined, so there’s a lot of shit breaking at the same time.
  16. A-Smith

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    I don't think the loss of a meat source is going to result in starvation. If anything, not feeding pigs grain would increase the calories available to humans wouldn't it? My guess is that less than 10% of the average Chinese person's diet is meat of any kind anyway.

    Do they export much pork? I bet they mostly just consume what they raise.
  17. A-Smith

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    Now my pulled pork plate at the slick pig may go up in price by a couple of bucks.
  18. IP

    IP It's just business.

    Your calorie math is true but China actually eats a lot of meat as they have become more affluent.
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  19. Volst53

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    China has horrible soil quality and is going to have a hard time producing enough to fed their population especially in an environment globally where ag inputs are going to become really expensive.

    Other countries will stop exporting and keep those food resources for their populations and China has to import a huge part of their food.

    China feeds a lot of questionable food sources to their pork not wouldn’t be good for human consumption

    It’s not just going to be a Chinese issue though as all of those already on the margins around the world are going to face issues with starving.
  20. A-Smith

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    I’m not a food supply expert so won’t argue. Yeah if there is a food shortage then it will definitely hit Africa hard

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