UT has the toughest schedule per the NCAA

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by MaconVol, Nov 11, 2011.

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    Tennessee’s 2011 schedule ranks as the toughest in the nation in 2011, according to the NCAA’s toughest schedule rankings based on cumulative opposition. The combined records of UT’s 2011 opponents are 65-32 (49-21 past/16-11 future), which is 67.0 percent. LSU and Oklahoma are tied for second at 66.3 percent (65-33 overall) and Iowa State fourth at 66.0 percent (64-33). Kansas and Auburn are tied for fifth at 65.6 percent (63-33 overall). SEC Blogger Chris Low.

    I knew it was tough, but I did not know we had the toughest overall.

  2. fl0at_

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    Oh man, we have a harder strength of schedule than LSU and Oklahoma? That must explain why we have 5 and 4 more losses than them... and here I was thinking it was because we were young, we didn't have all our players in place, we were injured, blah blah...

    My thoughts? LSU and Oklahoma are doing pretty well with a touch schedule. They deserve to be where they are. We aren't. We deserve to be where we are.
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    That means next year when we don't have the toughest schedule, we should see significant improvement.

    And the improvement should be in terms of record. No more of this 'we're more competitive in our losses' trash.
  4. Indy

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    i wonder how many excuses we could find for how bad our team is. this post isn't directed at the OP, but i'm tired of hearing all the reasons we suck rather than just admitting that we don't have very many good players or coaches.
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    who said we had good players? i think that its a given that talent wise we aren't where the lsu/bama's are. again its going to take 3-4 recruiting classes in order to get back in the hunt for a SEC championship
  6. JayVols

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    It's the last quarter of the season. I am not impressed with the level of growth our young, inexperienced, untalented players have made. Of course, there are a few exceptions: Curt and AJ have progressed quite nicely.
  7. IP

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    I have seen a thread on TOOS discussing how adidas shoes are much heavier than Nike or Under Armor cleats. you can TIFWIW, which is abso-friggin'-lutely EVERYTHING!

    It's the shoes! The shoes! ZOMG, Adidas SUCKS!!1!
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    I wasnt trying to use this as an excuse. I just thought everybody would wanna know.
  9. IP

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    We didn't take it that way from you Macon, we can just hear the mouthbreathers' collective response to it.
  10. JayVols

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    Yeah, no reflection on you OP. I've just seen so many excuses and justifications that it's nauseating.

    I'm sure you all have heard the excuse about Palatdy. The Wilson GST football doesn't fly as far as the Nike ball. If only we could get rid of Adidas and get Nike all our woes would vanish into the ether. Shoes and ball excuses my ass.....
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    Won-loss records don't always give a true comparison for strength of schedule. For example Cincinnati has a better record than Florida, but which has the stronger team? When strength of schedule was part of the BCS ratings, they also looked at the records of the teams your opponents played.
  12. govols182

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    I'd like to see UGA's SOS. I can't find it with a quick google search.
  13. VOLinDAWGland

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    It's what you get when you're relying on so many Freshman and they start hitting the wall particularly after the physical beatings we've taken from this brutal schedule. We'll see the payoff from this experience next year.
  14. vollygirl

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    I'm getting the feeling there is supposed to be a standard opinion based on which board you participate in. Is that the case?

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    No, people are just more outspoken and pessimistic over here is all. I'd rather read honest opinions than rays of sunshine no matter what which is what toos has basically become.
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  17. Unimane

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    I think it's hard to measure progress with this team when 5 of the 6 losses have been to teams in the top 15. However, I would like to add that I do think there is more progress made than people are giving the team credit for. Arnett is significantly better and we're starting to see a little more from Dallas, plus Rivera has progressed from last year. Brian Randolph has improved quite a bit and Coleman will be a solid player in the future. Byron Moore has improved from worthless to a decent contributor. Couch has definitely improved as the season has gone along.

    Of course, we are unable to put it all together and last night was a step backwards. However, I remain a cautious optimist and expect 8-9 victories next year with the majority of the team returning and players progressing in the off season. Dooley better hope so, because he's in deep shit if they don't.
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    VG, I think you will find there is a great deal of variety and nuance to the opinions on the board regarding Dooley and everything in between.
  19. justingroves

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    Speak your mind. I never expected Dooley to be here after 3 years. That being said, I want Dooley to succeed
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  20. justingroves

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    Arnett and Dallas have gotten better The best coach on the staff is handling them.

    Rivera is still a horrible blocker. He is a very good receiver.

    Has Couch improved or just recovered from a knee injury and gotten into shape?

    Anything less than 8 wins, barring catastrophic injuries, is a complete and total failure. 8 wins is the bottom line as to what's reasonable. Look at the schedule if you don't understand why I say that.

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