what the reds in our fanbase don't get..

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by Dick Huffman, Mar 29, 2012.

  1. Dick Huffman

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    Is that every 18yr old phenom has the potential to become a Da'Rick Rogers. If a prospect coming out of hs isn't outrageous and over the top with confidence and attitude, there is something wrong.

    When you're a coach and you approach volatile characters like Rogers, you have the potential to make them monsters on the field or monsters in the locker room.

    The fault in all of this lies solely with Dooley. If he spent more time working at understanding the psyche of the 18yr olds he's bringing in and less on writing zingers for the middle-aged rednecks of our fanbase, we'd have 2 monsters in Rogers and Arnett still in the fold and chomping at the bit to embarrass every DC in the conference.
  2. justingroves

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    I agree but there are a few (I don't think Da'Rick is one) that are hopeless causes. You can't be an enabler and a head coach
  3. IP

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    Was just on a similar rant in another thread here. Dooley shows an embarrassing lack of knowledge about how to feed a soul's man and not a soul's boy.
  4. Dick Huffman

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    Nick Saban keeps Bama's psychology department busy with 3-4 guys on his squad. Its amazing what can happen when you get the Lawrence Phillips's of the world to buy into telling a 5'5 white woman their problems.
  5. A-Smith

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    More sexual assaults?

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