Who Stays and Who Goes....

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by BigOrangeBeech, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. BigOrangeBeech

    BigOrangeBeech Poster of the Month, July 2014 and recruiting guy!

    For those in the know and that are well informed of what's going on....

    Callaway, Jennings, Taylor (draft)

    Richmond, Shamburger, McBride, Sapp, Kirkland...etc (quit/leave)

    Helton, Friend?

    Who ya got that's not here next year?
  2. MaconVol

    MaconVol Chieftain

    None of those three have done enough in my estimation to warrant being drafted.
  3. Butthole

    Butthole Member

  4. Savage Orange

    Savage Orange Disillusional Vol fan

    If Richmond or Shamburger play another down at UT it’ll be a damn shame and another black mark against Pruitt.
  5. BigOrangeBeech

    BigOrangeBeech Poster of the Month, July 2014 and recruiting guy!

    Maybe not, but do they leave just to leave, with the attitude that someone picks them up and dont really care where they fall? I've seen some say that Jennings is done, but who knows.
  6. Ssmiff

    Ssmiff Member

    JJs knee, history of several personal things and lack of numbers will bring him back imo.
    Callaway is good but not elite
    Taylor has had 2 good games in his career.
  7. Ssmiff

    Ssmiff Member

    He's not a good football player.
  8. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

  9. BigOrangeBeech

    BigOrangeBeech Poster of the Month, July 2014 and recruiting guy!

    Well, theres one possibly.
  10. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

    Helton is gone.
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  11. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

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  12. RockyHillPüssy

    RockyHillPüssy Resident Barner

    What names do you think might be possibilities? I’m curious what direction he’ll try to go in. It will very likely define his tenure here, or at least determine if it can reach escape velocity.
  13. Indy

    Indy Irrational and hormonal

    Helton gone for real? Wow, that was fast.
  14. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

    It all depends on what he thinks Osovet can bring to the table and if he’s ready for a big time gig and also what role Friend is willing to accept.

    Jim Chaney is a name that’s going to be out there, and loud.
  15. bostonvol

    bostonvol Chieftain

    Would they do a “pass game coordinator” for Osovet and “run game coordinator for Friend?”
  16. RockyHillPüssy

    RockyHillPüssy Resident Barner

    So I guess Kirby is done with Chaney, or Chaney is sick of a Saban wannabe?

    That wouldn’t seem like a great idea to me.
  17. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

    That’s the route I think is most feasible and likely to happen. I hate co-OC, though.
  18. NYYVol

    NYYVol Super Moderator

    Chaney and Kirby want to kill each other. Also, Chaney loves Knoxville. Absolutely loves it. And he’s floating his name out there already to make it known through third parties.

    The allure for Chaney is getting Pittman. That’s where I’m interested to see what Pruitt is really made of. You bring Pittman you’re basically firing Friend who he’s very close with.
  19. bostonvol

    bostonvol Chieftain

  20. Oldvol75

    Oldvol75 Super Bigfoot Guru Mod

    But Peyton Manning is no Freddie Kitchens.

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