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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by BigOrangeBeech, Nov 24, 2018.

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    For those who aren't getting the full tweets showing up, that's McBride out and Taylor staying another year.
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    I don't think so, but medical deals have different rules than transfers
  6. Ssmiff

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    It has to open up a spot for a transfer or count back against, doesnt it?
  7. justingroves

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    I don't know for sure, the rules are clear as mud
  8. chavisut

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    Pretty sure it just opens up the 85 numbers.
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    NCAA/SEC answering questions about recruiting:

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    It opens a spot, but I'm not sure exactly how. It's one way Saban had so few misses early on at bammer. Look back at the numbers for declared medically ineligible/retired whatever for bammer in the first few Saban years vs the rest of the conference.
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    Can it work like this: Player signs as a grayshirt then once on campus and enrolled in class be awarded a scholarship from ones available?
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    Was it this easy?

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