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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by justingroves, Dec 21, 2018.

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    Well, kid does run a 4.59 40 and has 18 sacks this year, his first in high school. Recruiting a bunch of sleepers is dangerous, but he seems like he might be a decent prospect. Plus, he's getting a fair amount of offers.

    Still need to flip Hardy.

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    I've become so shell shocked on recruiting, I read this the other way when I first saw it.
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    OH FUUUU...oh. Neverind.
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    Have someone who doesn’t know how to play football, but with enough work and time, might be good at some point? Maybe.

    Tennessee. You want Tennessee.
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    Has some nice film.

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    Yeah he does. Better than Grimes and Hardys
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    Trevon Flowers was a lot like that, he quit playing football until his senior year and had offers from Tennessee and Clemson.
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    He's blowing by people at the snap
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    Just did a quick perusal of our remaining DL targets. Omari Thomas leaning toward Ole Miss. his last visit is with Auburn, which almost never works out well for us. Oxendine is supposedly leaning Kentucky. And then if we seriously lose out on Baron... Damnation. That is a potential disaster for the DL. Someone is getting fired.
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    I thought Oxedine tweeted out or told someone that we lead, could obviously be wrong.
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    Just going off the crystal balls.
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    Crystal balls were all Tennessee for Hardy
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    We might get all three. Might get none.

    Just kind of hard to imagine we’d be in this situation when there are as many good instate DL prospects, one of whom has a dad working here, and another with a brother that played for Fulmer.
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    one could assume they really wanted to do their own thing and not whats expected of them. Just for arguments sake. I could see one of my sons going to UT because we are a UT home and could see another one doing his own thing and UT as a last, most easy, resort.
    Briarcrest kid, though visiting Auburn, has been about distance, family and Ole Miss Briarcrest pipeline, not just in sports but student body. Its an easy hour drive. Memphis to Knoxville drive nowadays with mid tn traffic especially can turn into 7-9 hours pretty easily and the first half of it is one of the ugliest drives known to man.
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    That’s all well and good. That stuff matters to some kids and you can’t land every recruit. It appears there is a very real chance we miss on just about everyone and end up offering another Jerrod Means type. Having that happen yet again just isn’t something that would happen to a coach that’s going to be good here.
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    peer recruiting can usually offset some of it. We are lacking something with coaches and with the team, but we do recruit differently. Go on a visit to LSU and the entire team makes you feel like you have no choice. We are family, academics, student athlete, facilities, etc. Not attractive to some players
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    Baron's mom is actively pushing him away from Tennessee. We'll see how it shakes out.

    Rybka felt "pressured" to go to Tennessee from home and wanted to leave.

    Tennessee has to match the bag man from Auburn. Hardy was calling Tennessee coaches and recruits saying he was committing to Tennessee on Sunday afternoon.

    I give zero [uck fay]s where kids grew up as long as they choose Tennessee and are good.
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    Reggie Grimes had supposedly silently committed to FSU three days before Taggart was fired. He's had an odd recruitment to be such a high profile recruit
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    6'5 kid we got a commit from plays at twice the intensity and speed on D compared to Grimes. Not kidding.

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