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    We pay for everything with credit cards and then just pay them off each cycle. We have one for restaurants, one for hotels, one for flights, and one for groceries. Don't really have one that gives any special benefits at Mattressfirm, so I think we'd use the one that gives us 1% cash back. Not really a ton of savings, but better than nothing.
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    Depends on where you are buying, maybe. I purchased our bedroom set locally. Bed, two night stands, two lamps, king mattress, box springs, chest of drawers, sheets, sheet protector, delivered and set up. We went in one day, got everything set up, delivery dates, all that jazz, and then came back and did the finance after we closed.

    You can ask. You aren't the first. If they think you can't buy without finance, and can't finance because of the home... they might bite. You've got the cash, so you aren't out anything by trying.
  3. Indy

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    We still don't really know what we want to do. The mattress we felt best about today was about $600 more expensive than the one getting the best reviews online (Saatva Classic). Add in the $150 delivery and set up charge Mattressfirm includes, vs. the free white glove from Saatva, and we're at $750 difference. I don't mind paying extra for something truly better and worth the money, I just have no way of knowing if it's actually that much better.

    Then there's the adjustable base. If we want to add that with Saatva, it's an additional $2,400, so that's a big no go. With Mattressfirm, we can get one for $850 and pay an additional $150 for a 10 year warranty. We are in the process of looking up reviews now to see what people say about it. If it's actually going to work well for 10 years, or if the warranty is actually legit and will cover it, I think it's worth it.
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    We already told them we planned to buy without financing, so I doubt they think we need it. He might just be willing to work with me though. He knows it's more than we were anticipating spending, mostly due to the base.

    I think the more likely scenario would be to try to negotiate with him a bit. Maybe he'd be willing to work with me a bit more on price of the mattress, and/or waive the shipping delivery costs. He had already mentioned he could probably do something with the delivery.
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    Shiit Indy you have the leverage. Use it. Mr manager do you want to make a sale at a sale price you are already running and maybe take a tiny hit, or do you want $0 and me to take business elsewhere..
    Also may be a competitor willing to give an even bigger discount, so i would check online or a 2nd place
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    In case a visual is helpful for the base:


    It really did make each mattress we tried more comfortable. I'd be all in on it if I didn't have legitimate concerns about it breaking in ways that the warranty doesn't cover or about it harming the mattress itself in ways not covered by the warranty on either product.
  7. Indy

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    It's the same price on the Stearns website. We've read online that Stearns & Foster comes across a little shady because different retailers who carry what is essentially the same mattress call it different names, making it challenging to do a true price comparison.
  8. Indy

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    Also worth mentioning that the Stearns & Foster mattress comes with a free $200 towards accessories, including pillows, mattress covers, sheets, etc. Don't think we even need to get the base for that.
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    It's amazing how often people don't ask, in my current house, I've done:

    - Bedroom furniture, 0%
    - Replaced A/C and heat unit + add a second set of high efficiency units, 0%
    - Replaced sewage and water line, 0%
    - Replaced hot water with tankless, 0%
    - Replaced roof, 0%
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    Was one of those reviews your review? I'm not trying to be a smartass, but whose opinion do you trust more for what you're going to be sleeping on for the next few years?
  11. Indy

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    Yeah, I get it. It's something to think about, and mattresses are definitely an item where different people like/need different things.

    That said, I do wonder how much information you can truly gather by laying on a mattress for 5-10 minutes in a store. Does comfort during those 5-10 minutes automatically translate to a good night's sleep? I'm not sure.

    Also, the online stores seem to be pretty good about letting you test the mattresses out and return them, if you don't like them.
  12. NorrisAlan

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    From my experience, no. Kind of the Coke vs Pepsi issues in the 80's and a short taste test, Pepsi wins because it is sweet, but over long drinks, Coke does because of the bitters.

    A really firm mattress will feel good when you first lay down on it, especially if you have a bad back, but damn if it doesn't start forming pressure points during the night.
  13. Indy

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    Went ahead and bought the Stearns and Foster mattress and the base from Mattress Firm.

    Got the delivery and install service ($150) waived, the restocking fee if we exchange or return the mattress (10-20%) waived, and they're gonna let us come in next week after we close on the house to set up the 0% financing (like float mentioned).
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    What is the bigger miracle - 1980 Olympic Hockey or Indy taking near consensus advice in a thread he started asking for advice?

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