Chaney "bothered" by post-Hunter injury offense

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by IP, Feb 8, 2012.

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  2. O+W=H.

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    Better depth.
  3. IP

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    Well, he makes it sound like he partly blames his own post-injury adjustments and reactions, as well as an "attitude" with players. I don't think he just means more depth, although that is obviously a solution.
  4. A-Smith

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    When Hunter went down the staff needed to do whatever it took to be able to run the football, even if it meant changing some blocking schemes or putting in AR to do some road grading. They never realized this and we never sold out.
  5. IP

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    I tend to agree. We never really adjusted to the loss of our old strength by forcing a new one.
  6. kptvol

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    Chaney also said a few more things about the run game. There isn't anything wrong with the way we run things schematically. Don't expect that to change. He pretty much picked out OL coach Sam Pittman because they know each other and he runs the same system. Also said Lane is more than likely the starter but if Neal moves back to RB, which is up in the air, he'll get a lot of carries, too.
  7. IP

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    So does Chaney think the O-line was a big part of the problem last year then? I have to say, they looked liked they were pass-blocking even on run plays.
  8. kptvol

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    Said we had to get more physical as a team but we weren't changing our system.
  9. lylsmorr

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    No shit, Jim Chaney.
  10. IP

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    Hey, at least he is acknowledging that there is a problem. That' something, with this staff.
  11. Dick Huffman

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    He was the problem. The fact he is still employed by Tennessee is a testament to how out of touch Dooley is with successful, sound football.
  12. A-Smith

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    Our inability to move the ball all last year was a statistical anomaly per VolNation. "Chaney is a proven commodity and there's no way that happens again."
  13. JayVols

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    Glad he was at least bothered. My physician had to max out my lithium dosage post Florida game.
  14. Volst53

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    The Florida game was one of his better performances. We didn't forget that no one could stop Rodgers on a slant route.
  15. kptvol

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    We did for the first thirty minutes. We coach an entire football game and the Florida streak is over.
  16. Dick Huffman

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    I've got a brother that has battled mental illness for most of his life....... Saying that, I shit myself twice laughing at your joke on lithium.
  17. IP

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    Sorry about your trousers.
  18. Beechervol

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    Barring catastrophic injurys to a handful of certain players our passing game should be legit. If this offense is gonna be as good as they can be, they better put more focus on the RBs and OL run blocking.
  19. Tenacious D

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    I was as "troubled" by our offensive production last season as I would be "concerned" to have awakened in a Bolivian bath house while having an oral bowel movement.

    So, yeah, I sort of share his basic sentiment.
  20. RoadTrip

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    IPOrange - you are right. That's because they used a sprint draw scheme with zone blocking. Every play is designed to look the same (pass and run) to confuse the defense. The only folks they confused after the Cincy game (with SEC opponents) were themselves. You drop the RB back to 8-9 yeards behind the scrimmage line, instead of the normal 6-7 yards of a power running game using zone blocking. Everybody complained about our RBs not getting to the hole or gap quickly enough - now you know why. If you don't fool the D as to what you are going to run they have more time to react and plug the gaps. 5 or 6 O-lineman cannot hold blocks on 7 or 8 defenders. Hence #116 in the country running the ball.

    Coach Pitt uses zone blocking. At his last job at UNC they did not use the sprint draw scheme - it was a power pro style offense. If Chaney is planning on staying with sprint draw and Dooley has approved it, go ahead and prepare for the head coaching change now. It will never work in the SEC - the athletes are too fast and too smart (along with their coaches) to be "fooled" by anything for more than one play. After you run it once they know how to counter it.

    My sense is that they are not going to be sprint draw and are going more power pro style with the recruitment of Bourque and Hill. Lane will also benefit as he couldn't make that crap work either. I doubt CJG wants his running backs getting killed as well.
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