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    Not much...but his silence has been broken.

    UT AD Dave Hart discusses football program and [ddiapos] | timesfreepress.com

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  2. JayVols

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    What will all the excuse making sucks have to hang their hat on now that Hart has come right out and said it's no longer acceptable? Looks like ole Derek's go to line has taken a preemptive strike. Momma won't like her precious not being able to use that excuse anymore. I was at 9, but now it's more like win 10 or GTFO.
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    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    I'm sure CDD knows that card has been played for the last time. It's time to put up or GTFO.

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    Here's some more:

    Dave Hart: Vols' loss, and way they lost, to Kentucky 'unacceptable' ยป GoVolsXtra

  5. IP

    IP It's just business.

    I [uck fay]ing dare him to say we're young next September after a loss to Florida at home. I dare him.
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    Dave Hart Breaks His Silence On the Football Program...

    UT AD Dave Hart discusses football program and [ddiapos] | timesfreepress.com

    I think Hart gets it. Doesn't come out with the usual bullshit flowery "I'm fully behind [ddiapos]" statement. He tells it like it is. I specifically liked this quote:

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  7. JayVols

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    "Sometimes you get what you deserve." Looks like ole Derek's own words might bite him in the ass if he don't get his ass in gear.
  8. zehr27

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    I [uck fay]ing hated that excuse all year. I got jumped on over at VN because I said that excuse was bullshit, young or not we looked like we were coached by a high school guidance counselor.
  9. NYY

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    Hart won me over fully with everything he said.
  10. LawVol13

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    Me too, NYY. No bullshit. Told it like it is, and it's very clear where Dooley stands with him.
  11. zehr27

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    Very promising words but I will not be sold until the right decision is made when Dooley [uck fay]s up next year. This is a good start though.
  12. Smowkee

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    Very refreshing to hear someone tell what time it is, instead of the usual "everything is going to be alright" bullshit.
  13. I read it the same way.

    "Expectations better be met, no excuses!" That was my take on his words.
  14. Volst53

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    "While it realistic and it is factual to say that we have fielded an inexperienced team the last year or two, we're not going to field inexperienced teams anymore"

    This is a hardcore shot at the coaching staff and not just about Coach Dooley saying over and over again that we're young.

    This was a broadside shot at Coach Dooley's coaching ability and he has one year to fix it.
  15. 615 Vol

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    I would like someone to re-write that in the words of Mike Hamilton. So glad that guy is gone.
  16. justingroves

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    This is encouraging
  17. "I would like to announce that Coach Dooley has been given a raise and a one year contract extension. We felt it was important show our support for Coach Dooley, and to guarantee the continuity of our program."
  18. JayVols

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    The Dooley slurpers on toos have a totally different take on this than we do. Not surprising.

    Oh, sjt18 is a pompous ass that almost breaks his arm patting himself on the back.

    That SOB is a apparently a psychic in addition to his countless other areas of expertise.
  19. Tenacious D

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    Sorry to temper the reasons for optimism from Hart's statements (and there were several) - but let's see what happens next year when we win 8 games, but lose to both Florida and Bama.

    That'll be the true test as to how serious Hart is about building a championship-caliber program.

    If Dooley does that, my money is on him not only getting a fourth year, but an extension and raise. I'd put the odds at 75/25 it happens. And the sad thing is, you'll have about 70% o our fan base who'd be pleased with that.

    If that's the outcome from next season, and I'm looking to build a championship program, Step 1 of that plan is showing CDD the door.

    So, until he's faced with that, and does the right thing - talk is cheap.
  20. tennesseevolman

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    I hope Hart told Dooley that he might want to get an ice pack for his seat next year. Wilcox is already counting his raise to take over for Dooley on an interim basis, after we start off 0-4 in the SEC and they send Doofus packing.

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