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    Follow me and I can guarantee at least 6 people will see it

    I'm quite popular on the twitter
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    Subscription Fees

    I thought that this was best stickied:

    We are very appreciative of your presence here, and even more so when knowing that your termination / removal of other long-established relationship(s) with other sites has been the unfortunate cost. As such, and in regards to payment, and as the smallest token of our appreciation to the first 150 or so members (which, includes each of you), we are observing the following:

    1. Those here now have been given full access and all privileges to the site, regardless as to how you registered. Those who registered as "Free" have been upgraded, and those who paid have been refunded their full amount(s).

    2. We never intend to charge any of you one thin dime, nor the rest of the first 150 or so that you seek to invite and admit in the immediate future. Not a cent. Ever.

    3. In return, we simply ask that you provide us with your continued presence, your active participation (no "post counts" or similar nonsense, just a rule of thumb) - and most importantly - that you further continue to give us your unmitigated opinions, thoughts, ideas and counsel on any way that we can make this the single greatest source of information and dialogue as is possible, not only for each of you, but for those others who will (hopefully) follow. There are no "post counts" or similarly stupid mandates, whatsoever, just that you contribute as much as you are capable and comfortable to provide, whatever that means to you.

    4. As we now have some 65 members, that leaves approximately 85 "free" invitations to disperse amongst yourselves - before we hit the 150 member watermark. If you feel that they meet the same requirements as each of you, please invite them. I will re-enable the "Free" registration link on the forum home page - but with moderation, meaning, they can register and verify their email addresses, but a mod will have to approve them before official entry (which shouldn't be too difficult, considering that app. 60% of our population are mods). Thereafter, we will continue to offer "scholarships" to worthy posters, but please know, that those who receive them will have to be of markedly exceptional and well-known value (read: CDD, or similar).

    It is our purposeful intent that these first 150 or so "plank owners" will both set - and consistently reenforce - the tone and tenor of what this site was originally intended to be and which will (hopefully) remain for years to come. To that end, it's important that the site be thoroughly seeded and infused with both high-quality and active members.

    While I hope that we someday reach a "critical mass" of thousands of members, for now, quality is decidedly more valuable (and necessary) than is mere quantity, alone.

    But, make no mistake, and just to be absolutely certain as to our collective motives (I don't want some hippy saying I "sold out" in a year or so) - this is a pay site. Period. If I wanted to invest a bunch of time, money, effort and energy into a hobby, alone, I would have just simply continued my preparations to defend my World Jelquing Title. This is a for-profit business venture - albeit one that I am decidedly passionate about, have thus far greatly enjoyed and very much look forward to helping to guide its growth and development, moving forward.

    After the first 150 "plank owner" members - registrants will be given two (2) options for payment to access the site (and yes, given that we saw what that lead to yesterday with OWB's antics - the "roam around for free" option is gone), which I think are not only easily manageable, but entirely reasonable. They are:

    Option 1: $5 per month, and you can cancel at any time*
    Option 2: $30 for an entire year's subscription (1/2 the cost of Option 1's month to month rate)

    So, that's the deal on where we stand on the rates, and membership. Thanks for being here, and for believing (gambling?) that the idea of something different and better is worthy of our collective pursuit.

    *Not to take a needless jab ay anyone, but in my opinion, if you can't afford $5 per have no business spending any time on a message board, whatsoever, be it here or elsewhere. You should be donating plasma, collecting cans or selling weed. JMHO.
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    How about donating sperm?
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    At first I was all like, I'll just register TrUT to save his spot, and then give out the password later. And then I thought that would be in bad form. But then I was like, screw that, they all know what is at stake here. Then I puss'd out.

    It was an excellent 45 minute conversation with myself.
  6. Tex_Volfan.

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    Thanks, TD!
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    good question JZ
  8. Tenacious D

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    That currency is always accepted.

    See my avatar for deposit instructions.
  9. Tex_Volfan.

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    Can you give a time frame when the "free option" will be available?
  10. NYY

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    I most likely won't invite anyone. If I do, I'll most likely ask for a consensus before doing it.
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  11. Tenacious D

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    Should be there now, just reauthorized it. Let me know, if not.
  12. Tenacious D

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    They don't have to be from VN or any other particular site - they don't even have to be a TN fa, necessarily - but smart should come standard. So, yeah, I could see where you might struggle to think of someone you know who meets such stringent criteria.

    I assume that your being in a "room" full of men with the hopes of inciting a gang bang was not the greatest thespian leap ever made, was it?
  13. NYY

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    I'm the smartest of all my friends. So it's very rational to assume I associate with some dumb folk.
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  14. Tenacious D

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    I don't know which of you should be more insulted by that fact.
  15. Tex_Volfan.

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    Anyone have a way of getting in touch with Sly. He's a solid poster IMO
  16. NYY

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    The other person.
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    Thanks TD! Very much appreciated.
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    Loving the site so far- excellent work! I've invited bosgap, he should be arriving at any moment... oh and [ock cay], balls.
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    Thanks TD. Love the site.
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    i say the first 75 to sign up be mods, which my daily modding would consist of being on 5-10 mins a day and changing jtrains picture and editing his posts to make fun of him

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