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    Nice political cartoon

    South Carolinians are experts in art of insult.

    One of my favorites from when I lived there in my youth:
    "I cut you down so low you have to carry a sign that says 'Don't spit I can't swim'"

    Its also probably why Trey Gowdy is good at what he does :)
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    A lot of big names have bit the dust over at Fox News but

    is it a Pyrrhic victory for the left? Nolte makes the case that its moving Fox even more to the right and its ratings have increased.

    I no longer have access to FoxNews or I might be tempted to tune in again. Its been many years since I was a regular viewer.

    I never cared for the blowhard populist O'Reilly. Now if they can just rid of Shep Smith!
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    16 school choice studies indicate choice works

    "In all, today, there are now 16 experimental evaluations of school choice on academic achievement. Eleven find positive impacts, three find neutral or null effects, and two—both from uniquely prescriptive Louisiana—find negative effects...

    Unlike in the prior evaluation, they were able to leverage the IV technique to demonstrate that the D.C. Opportunity Scholarship Program had a statistically significant positive effect on the reading outcomes of participating students two, three, and four years after beginning participation in the program, with the strongest gains accruing in the fourth year...."

    Yes it takes time to see the effects. The NYT article mentioned in another thread looked at a study after 1-2 years.
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    If we paired all these posts down to not include anecdotes, we could greatly reduce the word count on most of these posts.
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    Or teach him to Aaron Hernandez.
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    pared...just sayin
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    Who is gsvol?
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    dc's long lost twin or alter ego.
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    From the search engine owned by the alphabet:
    past tense: pared; past participle: pared

    trim (something) by cutting away its outer edges.
    "Carlo pared his thumbnails with his knife"
    synonyms: cut (off), trim (off), peel (off), strip (off), skin; technicaldecorticate
    "pare the peel from the lemon"
    cut off the outer skin of (something).
    "pare off the rind using a peeler"
    reduce (something) in size, extent, quantity, or number, usually in a number of small successive stages.
    "union leaders publicly pared down their demands"
    synonyms: reduce, diminish, decrease, cut (back/down), trim, slim down, prune, curtail
    "domestic operations have been pared down"

    Middle English: from Old French parer ‘adorn, prepare,’ also ‘peel, trim,’ from Latin parare ‘prepare.’"
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    Is that like "par a tars"?
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    Not sure, pard.
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    That dude was a top 5 troll in internet history.

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