How we close the 2018 class

Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by BigOrangeBeech, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. BigOrangeBeech

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    Who all do we get out of this group?
    How many more can we take?
    Feel free to add to the list, but this appears to be the most mentioned names:

    JJ Peterson
    Jacob Copeland
    Quay Walker
    Johncarlo Valentin
    Olaijah Griffin
    Coynis Miller
    Isaac Taylor-stuart
    Jaevon Becton
    C'Bo Flemister
    Anthony Grant
    Eddie Smith
    Malik Langham
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  3. lylsmorr

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    I would take in a heartbeat

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    There’s roughly 12 spots available. Give me all the jimmies and joes.
  5. justingroves

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    If they want Becton, they can get him
  6. smokysbark

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    If they manage this list it’s a top 15 class.
  7. A-Smith

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  8. bostonvol

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    Top 10-12
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  9. justingroves

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    Griffin and Miller are the biggest reaches on the list and Tennessee has positioned themselves nicely with them.

    Taylor-Stuart is a longshot, but he's not a total pipe dream either. If McClendon comes on staff, I think that opens a few more doors to recruits too.
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  10. smokysbark

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    I thought Griffin was a UT lean judging by all of the smoke on twitter from the recrutniks. Flipping Miller would be impressive.
  11. justingroves

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    I think Griffin will be a Vol, but he's still got a few officials to take
  12. justingroves

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    Otis Reese is a guy Tennessee is trying to get in with, he may not be able to get into Michigan
  13. Ssmiff

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    Pruitt and sherrer are lead recruiters for several of those guys that have ga and bama in their final, correct?
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  14. justingroves

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  15. 615 Vol

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    If these guys are purely making business decisions than I can't think of another staff aside from Saban and bama better suited to prepare DB's for the NFL.
  16. 615 Vol

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    Pruitt might get a little more aggressive on some of the bama recruits once he gets away from that program. It has to be a little awkward right now to be in the same room as Saban if you're trying to steal away his recruits.
  17. Ssmiff

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    Absolutely. Hoping they lose more than ever. Actually hope their D looks great but offense stumbles
  18. justingroves

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  19. Ssmiff

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    Pruitt has said all the right things so far. And not many clishays
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  20. kptvol

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    Not going to find those diamond in the rough guys that build Dooley quality teams by following Saban and Meyer's leads.

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