If I did it- how I would set up a new NCAA14 dynasty

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by IP, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. VB

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  2. Duckman

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    Advanced to week 5
  3. Duckman

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    Hey guys. I will not be able to advance this again until Sunday as I will be out of town for the weekend.

    Last time I checked we were still waiting on both games to be played. I have to play mine as well.
  4. WM

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    Sorry for the delay. Not as impressive as I was hoping with recruitment. I got one though if his gt is legit, seems like KevinBacon would be taken. Anyways send him a invite and see what happens.
  5. WM

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    Wait, it's KevenBaconlol, that seems more legit.
  6. WM

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    Dammit you can't edit posts. KevinBaconlol. Think I got it right this time.
  7. Duckman

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    I will send him an invite.
  8. VB

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    I played my game.
  9. Duckman

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    We seem to have hit a snag in this.

    Wounded still has to play. Also it is not letting me send an invite to that gamertag. It says he doesn't have an origin account.
  10. Duckman

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    Possibly scrapping this to be honest.

    It's been fun but we have been moving really slow and recently there hasn't been a lot of activity.

    What are everyone else's thoughts? I can keep it going but there just hasn't been a lot of interest lately.
  11. VB

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    I'm still in. Mullet still alive?
  12. Duckman

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  13. Duckman

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    I think until NCAA is released for next gen consoles, it is going to be hard to keep one of these going.

    I tried with this one, but I never felt like we hit a good stride. It also doesn t help that the game feels dated now.

    I still feel like the run game is still flat out broken in this version. I can run at will on almost any team on the game even in Heisman mode. I understand why some people hold on to this game given its the last one released, but I think the gameplay leaves a lot to be desired. Even the sliders didn't help it much.
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  14. Duckman

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    Also obligatory congrats to VB for winning the national title for our lone season in this.

    Some things never change...
  15. VB

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    I actually enjoy this game and think it can be very balanced for user games. Read option is not that hard to stop.

    You can get defensive games with enough strategy and play calling.
    Shame this never got past season two.

    Madden is pretty sick though. Played early access and enjoyed it.
  16. Duckman

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    Madden is fun this year.

    Shame they invested all they had into MUT and didn't do a thing to franchise mode.
  17. Indy

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    I got into MUT for 17 after our franchise ended. My team is awesome now.

    18 really that good? Kinda tempts me to buy.
  18. BearCat204

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    18 is solid ever since they fixed the zones.

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  19. Duckman

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    I've got 18.

    It's a solid game.

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    Saw this on Twitter the other day...could you imagine how good the 2016 team would have been if they made a game that year? Dobbs at QB, Hurd and Kamara at RB, Josh Malone and Jauan Jennings at WR. Barnett, Sutton, Reeves-Maybin all on defense....would have been fun.
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