If there's one thing Tennessee does...

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by 615 Vol, Nov 17, 2012.

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  3. 615 Vol

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    I don't. That was one of the most embarrassing moments of Dooley's time here. No wonder he hurt his hip, getting tossed in the air.
  4. hohenfelsvol

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    Don't give a damn about the school of Vanderbilt
  5. HypeVol

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    That is embarrassing.
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    I bet Dooley thought he had a bowl game in the bag and had coached the team through all of the injuries to semi-respectability. That video sums up, perfectly, why that could never happen. All that video is missing is a couple of Atlanta Braves players popping champagne bottle corks in celebration of making it to game 163.
  8. MaconVol

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    I liked it at the time. Though I had begun to realize Dooley was a fraud, I thought that game would get us headed in a respectable direction, just because it seemed like we had a form of momentum for the first time in a long time.
  9. lakindofguy

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    It makes me sad to see how much these kids wanted to win. Maybe they can have another moment like that today. Hey! You gotta hang your hat on something. If Dooley can be 3-0 vs Vandy he leaves us something to really bug Vandy fans over. It would be during one of Vandy's best era's as well. Honestly I don't care them celebrating a Vandy win. I wouldn't be surprised if a Fulmer or Majors team did that in the past. Both coaches went all out to focus Vandy as an important game.
  10. possumslayer

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    Dooley owns Vandy
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    Nothing would be better today than seeing Dooley [itch bay] slap Franklin and Vandy.
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    Maybe, maybe not. I doubt he or the players were thinking about anything other that the W the just earned. I don't blame the players for getting fired up, that's part of the sport. However, when your jackass coach gets a video leaked of himself sounding like a jackass, not the best image for the program.
  13. A-Smith

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    That game was nothing but added confirmation to me that he wasn't going to get it done here.
  14. 615 Vol

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    As much as Fulmer's time had passed by the time he was finally let go, he at least understood what winning a big game was. If you watch his post game of the 2001 win over Florida, he and his guys enjoyed the moment but didn't act nearly as stupid as Dooley did.

    Damn I miss Travis Stephens.
  15. **TDCVOL**

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    I hope we get a head coach who knows what it means -I mean really knows what it means- to win big games. Phil Fulmer knew it.
  16. Brick Top

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    I always thought this scene summed up Dooley perfectly. Even though he inherited a tumultuous program, and even though the team had some injuries last year, and even though Vandy had started to show a little life under Franklin...you just can't celebrate a win over Vandy like that. They're still Vandy, and you're still Tennessee....maintain your expectations, don't lower them because you had a rough year. Lower them enough and it soon becomes the norm.

    Pair this crap with his timid on-field decisions and his less-than-encouraging press conference remarks about some of the players, and its clear he has no clue how to manage the mental make-up of a team.
  17. alumvol08

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    I want Dooley to beat Candy just so we can say, "One of our worst every football coaches beat the **** out of one of your best everytime"

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