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    Football means more to Alabama administrators than it does to those at Tennessee. Pretty simple.

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    We caught a glimpse of Shrout and Bailey. I'd wager we're not risking anything monumental by replacing JG with either one. Either way, its obvious that as long as he's at the helm this team isn't going anywhere. He may be know the offense better than the others but unfortunately that's not transferring to the field.

    Pruitt and staff better figure out what the [uck fay] sooner rather than later because this ride or die mentality with JG is pissing everyone off. It's one thing to lose to UGA, it's a whole different thing losing to Kentucky.
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    Don’t we have a freshman dual threat QB named Holiday? Why not have a package for him when JG gets the yips?
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  4. MaconVol

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    They’ve got him playing WR
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    I don't believe that to be the case anymore
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    SGo back and look at our offensive possessions since halftime at Ga. In no particular order and unsure of accuracy, but it will look something like this
    Fumble, int, punt, punt, punt, punt, fumble/td, failed 4th down, 3 and out a couple times, punt, pick 6, pick 6, INT, drive for td, punt, punt, punt, punt...
    [uck fay] pruitt, chaney and the whole offensive staff if this is "our best chance to win". We all know the issue but its like me putting my son out there at a leadership position he has no business playing and watching teammates around him get pissed at him and me as we look like shit and lose. I cant imagine telling parents, "this is our best chance". Thats no chance and i saw it coming last [uck fay]ing week when everybody else here guaranteed a UT throddling. Defense stopping a team 5,6, 7 times in a row matters not when dooz is at qb.
  7. IP

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    everyone else here? show where I guaranteed a throttling.
  8. MaconVol

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    Jimmy Brumbaugh out as D Line coach.
  9. IP

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    I know nothing about him, but that Pruitt is taking action is noteworthy.

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