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    Jacques Smith:


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    Ja'Wuan James:


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    Byron Moore: "It wasn't too difficult. It was weird not seeing Coach Dooley talk to us to start the week off. Once everybody got here, it was business as usual. We went through our meetings and got out here on the field."

    Mychal Rivera: "We were all relaxed out there and we have one goal in mind and that is to try to go out there and beat Kentucky. The whole team is focused and we are ready for this game."

    Marlin LaneJr. : "We just kept it going like every Monday. Go out there and practice, we didn't let the distraction distract us. We just went out there and kept going."


    Immediately after hearing that their head coach [ddiapos] was relieved of his duties Sunday, the Tennessee football team took to twitter with their thoughts.

    Some of them showed their support and love for Tennessee:

    Daniel Hood @daniel_hood5855
    These past 34 months have been the most beneficial in my growth as a human. All respect to Coach D for turning us, me, into men #wontforget

    Tiny Richardson @Antonio_Tiny74
    Hard times right now! Still riding with my boys! #VFL

    Mychal Rivera @MychalRivera
    I'm A #VFL And That's What Matters

    Corey Alexander @coreyralexander
    The love I feel from Vol Nation right now is why I wanted to be a Tennessee Volunteer in the first place. Thank you, I love all of y'all.

    While some of them took the time to ask Vol Nation to come out to Neyland for the final game of the season and show support to a deserving senior class that has been through a lot of changes during their time on Rocky Top.

    Tom Smith @YungTom29
    To all the True Vol fans RT if u going to show love next week for our SENIORS against KY they been thru hell and need your support #GBO

    Corey Miller @CoreyMillerYFN
    Do it for the seniors. End of discussion.

    Patrick Ashford @_ashford13
    Everyone please pack out Neyland Saturday. We need to send these seniors out the right way. They deserve it. #VFL

    Justin King @kingvol38
    I love my VOL brothers we in this together and if you a true fan. Show the seniors support.

    The Vols continued their support for the senior class during Monday's media session.

    Last year, the current Vols ended the season with a bad taste in their mouth and their first loss to Kentucky in 26 seasons.

    This year, they do not want the 2012 senior class to feel the same way and they hope to break some school records in the process.

    "We fell short to Kentucky last year and we snapped the longest winning streak between the two teams," said sophomore Marlin Lane. "We felt bad for that and the seniors, so this week we are focusing on going out there every day, stepping up in every way we can to help the seniors get a win."

    "We have a lot of motivation, especially on offense," said junior Ja'Wuan James. "I definitely want to let the seniors go out on a good note. We lost to Kentucky last year and we want to get that back. Offensively, we are about 500 yards away from a school record. We have 6.4 yards a play and the record is 6.9. So we can reach two UT goals as an offense, but really we just want to win."

    On the defensive side of things, sophomore A.J. Johnson wants to send out one of his best friends, and mentors, Herman Lathers on the right foot.

    "Every year you are going to have a group of seniors that you looked up to and who watched over you," said Johnson. "You just want to play for them and send them out with a good win."

    Byron Moore just wants his senior brethren to be able to walk off Neyland with one more victory.

    "We just know we need to send these seniors out the right way," said Moore. "That's all we are playing for right now, playing for these seniors. We want to be able to let them walk out of Neyland with a win one more time."

    Senior Mychal Rivera took the time to send out a special message to the Vols fans asking for their support as he runs through the T for his final time on Senior Day Saturday.

    "Support the organization, support Big Orange," said Rivera. "The players, we're out here fighting. I'm not fighting for a coach, I'm fighting for the team and I'm fighting for the University of Tennessee. When you guys come out and support just come out and support for us."

    Antonio Richardson added to Rivera's sentiment.

    "Just come out and support us, support the Vols," said Richardson. "Right now, we are doing this for pride. It is for the seniors and it is for Vol Nation. It is not about anybody else but the seniors, the fans and just making sure that we get a W for them."
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    We can bicker about his play-calling but I respect the hell out of Jim Chaney.
  12. Bassmanbruno

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    Jacques Smith and Corey Miller were celebrating Sunday.
  13. IP

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    His play-calling sucks, but he has been a consistent presence for us.
  14. IP

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    don't blame them.

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    Watch Jacques video...he starts off with "it wasn't that big of a surprise really, you lose to Vandy...." then said, "a lot of mixed emotions" on how people reacted.
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    And I for one am looking forward to seeing him be in charge in a "what the hell does it matter?" game.

    Also think The Jim Chaney Show will be entertaining Sunday as well.

    XXROCKYTOPXX Chieftain

    Curious to see how many pass attempts Bray has now that he's calling the shots. Also curious to know if Chaney would run up the score.
  19. reVOLt

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    I'm just excited to know that Chaney is known to curse.
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    Dooley's mouth is a filthy as the rest of them.

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