Memorial Day (Pictures and Stories)

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    I figured this needed its own thread since we kinda got on the topic in another.

    This is my grandaddy Elmer J. Beecher. Retired (23 years IIRC, with the rank of 1st Sgt.) Army 11th AB. Served during WW2 and Korea. He was originally from Poughkeepsie, NY and met my grandmother (from Joelton) while stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky.



    One of the things in life that I regret the most, is not being able to know him myself as others did. He died when I was 2. My granny (pictured above) is still living.

    I have more pics and stories that I will add later.

    Please post yours, this is a very intriguing topic to me. As Im sure it is to others here.
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    You're going to have to upload those photos to something like flickr or photobucket and then link to them, I think.
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    No pictures, but I'm pretty sure nothing will top my Memorial Day last year for me personally. Two days before Memorial Day last year some soldiers in the CJ-SOTF (Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force) I was in support of were killed and we changed the Memorial Day service into an actual Memorial Service for them. Very touching and moving to be in Afghanistan on that day for such an event.
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    This is the picture I was looking for that Card was asking about. I thought this was in Germany, but my daddy says it was Korea.


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    Not working beecher.
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    Theyre showing up on mine. I will fix em later.
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    Great Uncle was in the Navy for WWII. He was over in the Pacific and evidently their supplies were so low that men were literally starving. The only feasible solution? Bust into the nearby Army base and steal supplies. They had to go under the cover of night though and my uncle said he couldn't see so just grabbed the biggest container he could carry. Took it all the way back without knowing the contents: lard. They were so desperate they rolled it into little fat balls, caked them in flour, and fried it.
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    I had a great uncle that was in the South Pacific, in the Marines. He took a bayonet to the shoulder in a battle for some meaningless island out there, and kept on fighting. He made it back home, but was apparently never right in the head after the war. Extremely racist towards Asians, too.
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    I have a great uncle that was on the USS Tennessee when Pearl Harbor was attacked. He would not really tell you anything about that day. I guess just knowing he was there was all the story I ever really needed.
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    Pics are showing up still. Linked through flickr now.

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