Michael Sam Is Gay.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by LawVol13, Feb 9, 2014.

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  2. Unimane

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    Just about to post this, Law. I think this is sort of the final test for the status of gay people in sports. We have a gay man preparing for the draft in the most macho sport in the country. I'm very curious as to how this one will work itself out. Very bold and brave for Sam to do this at the most vulnerable point in his potential career.
  3. The Dooz

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    Good for him.
  4. NorrisAlan

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    The tide is shifting in this country. It is amazing how fast things happen once a tipping point is reached.

    I hope he gets on with an NFL team, somewhere. Or get's it on. Either way is fine with me. Just don't go to Sochi, because they don't have gay people in Sochi.
  5. LawVol13

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    I'm impressed by this. Extremely brave move.
  6. bostonvol

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    Apparently he came out to his teammates before last season. Kudos to them for keeping it quiet.
  7. gcbvol

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    I'm impressed by this as well. Also, it sounds like his coaches and teammates were highly supportive when he came out to them - that's great to hear. I hope he goes on to great success in the NFL.
  8. emainvol

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    Does this mean our OLine is homophobic? They didn't seem very interested in getting close to him.

    In all seriousness, kudos to the kid. I hope he goes a long way
  9. LawVol13

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    Sam on why he announced it:

  10. NYYVol

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    Kudos to his teammates and coaches for keeping their mouths shut and letting him own his moment.
  11. hatvol96

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    I think people are going to be shocked how much of a non issue this ends up being. If he can help somebody win, they'll take him in and accept him without reservation. If not, he'll get cut like anyone else.
  12. g8terh8ter_eric

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    Good luck to the young man, and I hope he has a great NFL career.
  13. gcbvol

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    Exactly the way it should be.
  14. g8terh8ter_eric

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    The only people that will take issue with this are the overly machismo people out there, that think that playing football with a gay man is going to somehow divide the locker room.
  15. nashvillevol

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    With shit heads like Incognito in the NFL and you think this will be a non issue? Your crazy.
  16. justingroves

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    Winning cures all ills
  17. hohenfelsvol

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    As it should be
  18. droski

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    Hope you are right
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