Missouri Loves Company

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by NorrisAlan, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. NorrisAlan

    NorrisAlan Founder of the Mike Honcho Fan Club

    Mizzou 12
    UT 20

    Ugly game, low energy from the crowd, Dobbs throws 2 interceptions and fumbles once.
  2. The Dooz

    The Dooz Super Moderator

    They get yards, and some scores late that make it look closer than it actually was, just like last week.

  3. JayVols

    JayVols Walleye Catchin' Moderator

    I'm a fan of the thread title.
  4. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    I'm sitting here debating whether or not I want Florida to pull upset or not more than I am thinking about this game.

    Mizzou is pretty bad. I'm guessing a 38-21ish win.
  5. RevBubbaFlavel

    RevBubbaFlavel Contributor

    will there be over 90,000 at the game?
  6. Tar Volon

    Tar Volon Me Blog @RockyTopTalk.com

    I'm in the same place, except I have less confidence in our D. 38-28.

    On the plus side, if LSU wins, we get a chance at Alabama (even if it's a tiny chance). On the minus side, Butch gets to say he won the East, and we'll almost certainly get housed
  7. AbeFroman

    AbeFroman Member

    How on earth did this get picked up as the CBS game?
  8. IP

    IP Super Moderator

    I'm at Dooley levels of dissatisfaction. All I see is suckiness spiral that will last exactly as long as Jones is here.
  9. NorrisAlan

    NorrisAlan Founder of the Mike Honcho Fan Club

    I think Florida demanded a noon CT start as concession for moving the game to LSU, and the rest of the SEC schedule is about as crappy as possible.

    Next to last weekend and the SEC trots this weekend out? League should be freaking ashamed of itself.
  10. kmf600

    kmf600 Energy vampire

    The only way we win is if Butch trips on the way to the stadium and breaks three of his front teeth.
  11. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    Thread title of the year contender
  12. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    Right there with you. Impossible to care any less than I do.
  13. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    He was fired 4 years ago today.
  14. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    I'm cheering for sugar bowl more than east at this point.

    Florida beats lsu then loses last 2 and we win out and I like chances.
  15. utvol0427

    utvol0427 Chieftain

    Would depend on what A&M does against LSU.
  16. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    Not necessarily if we stay ahead of them in cfp rankings.
  17. gcbvol

    gcbvol Fabulous Moderator

    Thread title has already exceeded Butch's career win total.
  18. bigpapavol

    bigpapavol Chieftain

    Nope. Luckily, there is residual suckiness too.
  19. Beechervol

    Beechervol Super Moderator

    Both defenses suck. UT has better players on offense.

  20. Unimane

    Unimane Kill "The Caucasian"

    I'm equally pissed that Jones has such a soft schedule to pad his win total and delude the VN crowd. With any of the schedules we had since the mid-80s, he's hovering, at best, at .500. I mean, hell, what happens if he has to go through the '98 schedule, playing McNabb's Syracuse, Spurrier's Florida with a Jevon Kearse defense, at Auburn, a weaker Alabama with Shaun Alexander, a good Georgia team and an undefeated Arkansas? All these pitiful East teams supplemented by a swarm of mid-majors and FCS schools (Another BS trend I hate.).

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