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Discussion in 'Politicants' started by TennTradition, Jan 3, 2019.

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    It’s too over the top. An amateur wrote this one. Just too spectacular.
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    Celine Dion was still a great touch.
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    A lot of classic Trump in there, but my favorite is the third one from March 6th, the one where he claimed doctors were amazed at how much he knew.
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    Yeah that one is a gem.
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    Saw this on the facebooks this morning. In case anyone needs some TP.

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    Saw this a few times. This was posted by a cousin of mine (this time).

    Long read but very interesting for those that aren't sheeple. HERE'S THE TRUTH BEHIND Bill Gates & Barack Obama released a docuseries on Netflix called PANDEMIC in January right before the Wuhan virus was "discovered." The docuseries pushed the need for the Gates' Foundation to receive funding to carry on virus research to prevent the next PANDEMIC! Bill Gates funded the Wuhan lab in China that released the Wuhan virus. Bill Gates' was a member of China's Academy of Sciences who built the lab and he was awarded their highest honor. The Wuhan virus was originally developed at the University of North Carolina by NIH grants approved by the Obama administration in 2012. The NIH defunded the UNC research in 2016 so the Communist Chinese scientists left UNC and took their work to the NEWLY BUILT Wuhan lab in 2017 - funded by Gates & pals. The head of the Harvard Chemistry department, with ties to Gates & Epstein, was arrested for accepting bribes from the Communists. Did Epstein know what was coming? The Pirbright Institute, funded by Bill Gates, owns the "patent" on the Coronavirus genetic sequencing. They did simulation testing on a global PANDEMIC in 2018. Bill Gates & Barack Obama docuseries marketed the need for a global "universal" vaccine to replace all other flu vaccines. I believe it will be designed to deliver a human chip via nanotechnology. (RFID, mark of the beast) 12,469 people in the US died of H1N1 flu (from Mexico) under Obama in 2009, many of them children, because he waited 6 months to do anything & never closed the border. The media said nothing about fatalities from H1N1 but is creating a huge panic around the 20 US deaths from the Wuhan virus to destroy the US economy before the election. Over 36,000 people in the US have died from the common flu this year and the media says NOTHING about that - but is creating a huge panic around the 20 US deaths from the Wuhan virus. 18 out of the 20 total US deaths from the Wuhan virus have come from a nursing home in Kirkland, Washington - the home area of Bill Gates. Half the staff at that nursing home have been infected with Wuhan virus. They appear to be the carriers. The nursing home draws employees from a large Chinese population across the border in Canada. I believe Gates is placing carriers in vulnerable locations for the narrative and funding. Right after the first deaths were reported in Bill Gates home area, the Governor declared a national emergency & Congress approved over $8 billion - even though Trump asked for only a quarter of that. Much of the funding will flow to Gates' global partners. Suddenly Bill Gates says his "foundation" will offer in-home testing kits where you swab your nose with a Q-Tip and send it to his labs. How convenient! 19 out of the 21 who tested positive on the Princess Cruise ship were CREW MEMBERS. Meaning the crews are carriers and are infecting passengers. Who put them there? The virus started in South Korea because the leaders of a "doomsday" cult went to Wuhan, China and went back and infected 8,000 of their members. Who paid them to do that? Iran's leaders suddenly became infected after Iran's foreign leader met with John Kerry in Munich and laughed about the virus on camera. Almost like he was told to go home and create panic. All those videos out of Communist China of them disinfecting the streets, people dying on the streets and thrashing bodies - were all fake and sent out by Communist propagandists. Real videos show Hong Kong freedom fighters being rounded up in handcuffs and sent off to the "hospital" where it's likely their organs are harvested and they are cremated. Real videos show elderly people in Communist China trapped in buildings and left to die with no food. Real videos show that Communist China installed major NEW surveillance cameras and technology to monitor people on the street & in their offices since the virus was released. Real videos show the Chinese people yelling "IT'S ALL FAKE" from high rises as the Communists pretend to care for them on the streets below. They are now forced to use an app which tells them when they can come and go and tracks their every move. How did the Communists suddenly develop this technology in a month? This was part of the plan. After Trump closed travel from Communist China in January, the Chinese blamed the US and threatened to hold back our pharmaceuticals unless we opened travel back up again. They didn't expect him to do that - that thwarted their plans to seed the US with more cases. I believe the virus is no more dangerous than the common cold - but has been engineered to be highly infectious and impact the elderly & sick. Thankfully, it is NOT affecting children & young adults like pandemic flu does. I believe the virus was unleashed by the Communist Party to scare people back into their homes and stop the Hong Kong & Taiwanese pro-freedom protests. I believe the virus was unleashed by the Communists to crash the US economy & drive people away from Trump rallies. I believe the virus was unleashed to help the Communists assert global control and to cull the elderly and weak. ALL respiratory viral outbreaks peak in March and end in April. I believe this one too. The SARS Coronavirus panic dropped the market 20% in March 2003, under Bush, and it came roaring back even higher by July. In other words, they've done this before to a Republican administration before an election. Now the fake news is trying to distance Wuhan from the virus -- and so is Communist China. That means we're right over the target. Every single one of my statements has been reported by numerous sources. This is not a conspiracy. This is real. Copied from another post.​
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    Now that's a helluva conspiracy theory. 10 out of 10, A+
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    I can’t even keep up with that.
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    How can I get my hands on some of those freedom fighter organs?
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    Another one. Usually these lurk in the shadows more.
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    Some reading between the lines at its finest.

    Did anyone notice... Trump spoke on a podium with no seal. Not fully understood. Did you notice the flag behind him wasn't draped in gold fringe. We are going back to the gold standard. Pay attention to everything he says and does. He talking to us, and not always with only his words. Carry on!

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    That conspiracy theory... wow!
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    Shared by a close associate of my father.

    YES, CALIF GOV. GAVIN NEWSOME IS NANCY PELOSI'S NEPHEW. AND YES, ADAM SHIFF'S SISTER IS MARRIED TO GEORGE SOROS’ SON. AND YES, JOHN KERRY'S DAUGHTER IS MARRIED TO A MULLAH'S SON In IRAN................and Yes, Hillary's daughter Chelsea IS married to George Soros' nephew. IF YOU HAD A HUNCH THE NEWS SYSTEM WAS SOMEWHAT RIGGED AND YOU COULDN'T PUT YOUR FINGER ON IT, THIS MIGHT HELP YOU SOLVE THE PUZZLE. ABC News executive producer Ian CAMERON is married to SUSAN RICE, Obama's former National Security Adviser. CBS President DAVID RHODES is the brother of BEN RHODES, Obama's Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications. ABC News correspondent CLAIRE SHIPMAN is married to former Obama White House Press Secretary JAY CARNEY. ABC News and Univision reporter MATTHEW JAFFE is married to KATIE HOGAN, Obama's former Deputy Press Secretary . ABC President BEN SHERWOOD is the brother of Obama's former Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood. CNN President VIRGINIA MOSELEY is married to former Hillary Clinton's Deputy Secretary TOM NIDES . Trump has been right all along. Fake News is generated by this incestuous relationship. YA THINK THERE MIGHT BE A LITTLE BIAS IN THE NEWS?.. Now, do you still wonder why they hate Trump, he is the outsider!​
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