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Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by ptclaus98, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. ptclaus98

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    Ok so obviously the offensive scheme sucks, but I like to take a look at film to pinpoint issues with play/coaching, specifically with the OL. I played center in HS so that's where I like to start.

    I'm only to the second quarter, and while Thomas didn't have as terrible a start as I remember, he has real issues with pass pro and also combo blocking. He doesn't finish once he gets to the second level and that was the difference sometimes between Hurd getting a 4 yard gain or getting a 1st down. Any input is welcome, especially from other positions.

  2. ptclaus98

    ptclaus98 Contributor

    Thomas also has trouble getting to the play side on reach blocks. I don't like him as a center. He's kinda long and not really athletic and doesn't play with leverage. I think Wiesman with Jones and Robertson at guard would be more effective.
  3. JT5

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    Offensive tape study? You want to break this down and watch it over and over again?

    Move this to the masochist forum. Bunch of sickos.
  4. ptclaus98

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    I'm a nihilist now. Joy and pain do not exist.
  5. ptclaus98

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    I would like to see us use a TE to run against the play and block the back side pursuer and open up a cutback lane. Sort of like a belly play I guess? They crash play side so hard. Actually, we have a counter play that we used in 2014 against OU that worked great and I haven't seen it since. That would have been great to shut down their aggressiveness.
  6. IP

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    This is the masochism forum
  7. ptclaus98

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    Jashon Robertson had a terrible first drive. Had trouble getting to play side on reach blocks, lazy pass pro and on 2nd and goal missed his assignment. Was a simple trap that if he had gotten to the second level we would likely have scored but the LB he was supposed to block forced a cut right into the backside LB. Also whiffed his block on the pass to Malone that was overthrown. He and Thomas need to work on their combo pass blocking. They are not on the same page at all.

    Didn't mean to hit post on this so early but I'm noticing a trend with all the lineman. Is there a rule that OL cannot use their hands after they've gone so many yards? Because these guys only use their shoulders after they get to the second level and it is super frustrating because they aren't finishing their blocks like that.

    Another missed assignment 1st and 10 6:47 left 2nd Q
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  8. ptclaus98

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    Hands hands hands. Maybe you should give App St credit, but our lineman were not good with their hands Thursday night.

    Gimme App St's OL coach.
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  9. TennTradition

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    I know that a pulling Weismann was a failure on that first offensive drive.
  10. kmf600

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    I'll tell you this much, **** Butch Jones.
  11. IP

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    I'm enjoying your posts, ptclaus.
  12. Oldvol75

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    I've stayed away purposely for a few days. I just couldn't talk about it. I have never been more pissed in a coaching job in all my life.
  13. rbroyles

    rbroyles Chieftain

    If you could share your expertise on the specifics of what went wrong I would like to hear it. What would have happened different in your day that was missing? What should have been changed.
  14. CardinalVol

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    Pt bringing some old ol analysis. I like it. Keep it up.
  15. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    This is good stuff
  16. ptclaus98

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    I've had to work today but I'll see what more I can glean tonight.
  17. A-Smith

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    Copy Butch on the analysis when you post.
  18. IP

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    I'd like to hear more from either pt or Oldvol about hands, and how things should look.
  19. cotton

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    Have even watched the florida games the last two seasons?
  20. Oldvol75

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    First of all we played as plain Jane as possible on both sides of the ball. I don't know if it was believing the hype, over looking them not respecting them or a combination of the 3. I also think jones wasn't going to show anything even if it meant losing. From my best memory we only ran 1 or 2 blitzes all night. Plenty of tackle and end stunts but that's common. On offense we probably ran about 7 plays out of multiple sets.

    Blocking has changed since I played. You couldn't use your hands as much as you can today. You had to play with more leverage. Today hands are more important, it's not as much of driving them out of the hole, it's more just move them to a side and seal. Pass blocking is a pure hands IMHO. Not over extending the body and definitely not leading with your head. Foot work and proper set drops will reduce getting beat. But the hands must be used to control the rusher. When I was coaching HS, we always practiced pass blocking live with no helmets. You only lead with you head once.

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