The Country Music Thread, 8th Style...

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by volfanbill, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. VOLinDAWGland

    VOLinDAWGland Contributor

    Tyler Childers...I'm a sucker for good country/blue grass fiddle and lyrics about cocaine.
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  2. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

  3. chavisut

    chavisut Dan Mullen Fan Club President

    Seen him three times. Do it.
  4. Joseph Brant

    Joseph Brant Airbrush Aficionado

    Robert Earl retiring from performing live in September, says he wants to quit the road while he still loves the grind, can't argue with that.

    I'll have to get another show or two in.
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  5. PilotFlyingJ

    PilotFlyingJ Chieftain

    Corpus Christi Bay is still one of my favorites
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  6. Joseph Brant

    Joseph Brant Airbrush Aficionado

    Civic Auditorium is a shit venue for a place designed for live music, but Jinks freaking hammered it.

    That said, it would take the Turnpike Troubadours for me to go to another show there. Sound booth is stage left rather than in the back so its a ton of reverb and poor quality.

    As someone who tries to catch 40 touring shows a year (we're double income, grown kids so its a good hobby) please keep this is mind :

    Nobody is going to watch the 75 minute shaky video you took of a concert, but should you absolutely need to make one, please turn your screen brightness all the way down. And the flash is useless 200' away.
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  7. JohnnyQuickkick

    JohnnyQuickkick Calcio correspondent

    I saw Childers & Sturgill in there and it was terrible. Childers wasn’t too bad but the sound was so bad for Sturgill we left. Idk why they book concerts in that crap hole
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  8. utvol0427

    utvol0427 Chieftain

    I was there last night. Great show.
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  9. HCKevinSteele

    HCKevinSteele Well-Known Member

    Anybody seen Bob Dylan recently and have a take on if he's still worth going to see? Regardless of the type of performance he's putting on these days, there's a long list of absolute legends I had chances to see before they passed and didn't do it. I know I'll regret it if I let that list get any bigger because it doesn't feel like there will ever be more like them (John Prine, BB King, Ralph Stanley just off the top of my head where I decided I was too busy or didn't want to pay for the ticket day of).
  10. Joseph Brant

    Joseph Brant Airbrush Aficionado

    The better half sent me a thing that said "Ragweed crawled so Turnpike could fly".

    100% accurate. The "napster generation" that found good music rather than eating what was in the bowl.
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