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Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by lylsmorr, Aug 20, 2018.

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    I can't bring myself to turn on the news with a flood of bad things getting the spotlight. So, here's a thread about good things happening in the world.

    First up, a 2 year old boy that was delayed developmentally by Spina Bifida learns to walk and makes me misty eyed from the pure joy in his voice

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    Larry Fitzgerald. Link slow to post where I am.
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    Tremendous thread idea. Man that puts a bad day into perspective.
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    i'm sure yall have all seen this one, but I still go back and watch it quite often. Didn't know about these updates. Every man and woman and every ethnicity was one in that gym that night. Beautiful night.

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    You know what, let's have another today.

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    Kids get me every time
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    Let's play two

    "Gywn-Jaramillo told TODAY that in addition to her recent financial troubles, she’s been struggling with the longer-term consequences of losing her husband to brain cancer four years ago and her mother to Hurricane Katrina-related injuries shortly after that 2005 storm.

    An sliver of hope earlier this week came in the form of a $250 gift card to Whole Foods from her friend, Mary.

    In a quirk of fate at the cashier’s line on Monday, Gywn-Jaramillo’s pet food ended up mixed up with the customer in front of her on the conveyor belt.

    Rather than being upset, the man, who identified himself as “Chris,” offered to pay for all of the frazzled woman’s groceries. That act of kindness made Gywn-Jaramillo break down in tears."
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    I've heard he buys groceries for multiple hoes in different area codes.
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    From a month ago, but still great.
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    You have any yet?
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    Trick love the kids
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    No sir
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    Good dad alert

    "I looked at the price and I was like, 'Uh, not really sure, but I can see what I can do,'" said Ricky.

    No promises were made, but Ricky was determined to make sure his little girl’s special night was perfect. He already worked at least six days a week, and sometimes seven, but he pushed harder, working extra shifts until he had enough money to purchase the two-piece floral dress that his daughter wanted"
  17. A-Smith

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    What a great kid. Man, that seven second video tore me up. I don't cry much, but that got to me (several times) I've probably watched it about 50 times on you tube over the past few weeks. He talks like my little 2 year old so that's part of it.
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    You guys are making me cry.
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    Getting the feels

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