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Discussion in 'Sports' started by GahLee, Oct 27, 2012.

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    I'm just here to talk NBA basketball in the NBA basketball thread.
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    I said "Mazzulla is a terrible coach" and gave multiple, specific reasons why. You responded to those posts directly stating that you disagree with those reasons. Did you say the exact words "Mazzulla is a good coach." No, of course not. You'd have to watch more than 3-4 games he's coached to be able to make a claim like that. But you don't get to argue with the person saying he's a terrible coach and then trying to pretend you haven't been commenting on his coaching abilities. Arguing with the person saying he sucks is, by default, putting yourself in the "he doesn't suck" camp.

    What a chicken shit attempt to pretend the last 6 pages of this thread just don't exist, lol.

    Oh yeah, like when I blamed Darvin Ham every step of the way for the Lakers getting swept by the Nuggets, rather than pointing at DLo's no show for the entire series, AD's passivity on the offensive end, and Jokic/Murray going nuclear and hitting ridiculous shots.

    Yeah, that totally happened. Give me a break.
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    Good call. Something appears to be wrong with their Mazzulla oblongatas.
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    I recall disagreeing with your ruined Tatums game take. And mentioned other nba coaches do the same shit Mazzula does.
    That’s what you are arguing against. And how Grant playing 14 minutes less vs GS doesn’t count as shortening the rotation due to the matchup.
    That’s the last I’ll address it. Now you can get back to posting to yourself in here the rest of the season, and wonder why you are posting to yourself.
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    You continuing to say Udoka "shortened the lineup" despite Grant playing 30 mpg in a 7 game series against Miami and 32 mpg in a 7 game series against Milwaukee might be your worst take in this entire back and forth.

    Actually, no, worst take was definitely pointing to Tatum's increasing % from 2 and more FT's per game as evidence against his midrange game disappearing. That was definitely worse and funnier.

    Shortening the lineup is not the same thing as cutting a specific player's minutes because of a matchup. Shortening the lineup is regardless of matchup. If a guy played a shit ton in every single series but one, it's evidence of a matchup issue, not a coach "shortening his lineup."
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    At least you spelled his name correctly lmao
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    Also, I post in here by myself a fair amount because people who frequent this site don't really watch the NBA. The folks who do watch and used to post in here don't frequent this site anymore, whether by choice or by banishment.

    Oh, and Uni, but he only posts here when the Bucks are playing/winning.
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    Decided to dig back through the thread a bit and look at all the people who used to post frequently. Came across this gem, which seemed fitting considering the current goings-on in the league.

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    The posts in this thread during the Heat titles are interesting. I was not a LeBron fan back then. Surprised to read that Hat was. Or at least that he pushed back against the LeBron haters with the ferocity that he did.

    Lot's of good stuff to sift through. Forum was a lot more active back then.
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    I've had a lot of fun sifting through the years of this thread as I've had time today. Some nuggets that jumped out:

    LOL - timeless.

    Found this one interesting. This comment was after the 2014 loss to the Spurs in the finals right before Bron went back to Cleveland. BPV really didn't like LeBron, which was made even more clear in the Cavs/Warriors years. I don't think this opinion lasted.


    Not prophetic.

    Also got thrown off a bit when I kept seeing VKAman's name pop up in people's quotes. Then I remembered. Lol
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    Butler flops a lot more than I expect from him.
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    Wow, it was a 3 lol
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    How many free throws did Jimmy hit?

    1…2…3… CANCUN!
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    They’re going to do it. There’s no way the Heat win game 7 after that… right?

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