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    What else is new? Between not everyone paying 2% of of their GDP to fund NATO and the trend of European countries slacking on funding the Ukraine war, Europe loves relying on the premise that the Yanks will always be there to pay for the military defense of their continent. In just a few months the entire continent is going to demand that America supply them with enough natural gas to keep everyone warm this winter.
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    Yeah, it does not bode well that some European countries are backing off/dragging feet on Ukraine support.

    Re: NATO 2% GDP contribution, while some countries have met that target ahead of time, that 2% negotiated target was set for 2024.

    This is an old article and there may be more up-to-date data, but this gives a good summary.

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    Ukraines counter-offensive seems to be going well. Some Russian politicians now calling for Putins impeachment (which has suddenly become a crime to do), State TV talking heads painting a gloomy picture, reports of many cities, villages areas being liberated, Russian flags being replaced by Ukrainian flags. I hope they take back Crimea.
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    Russia appears to be rapidly falling apart. They couldn't do the overwhelming force takeover and their corruption and inefficiency has lead to breakdowns and a seeming loss of morale against a highly motivated opposition. It would be a prime chance for other countries they've bullied in their attempt to recreate the Soviet Empire rise up and retake their lost lands, like Georgia or Azerbaijan.
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    Meanwhile, on righty outlets that were totally not sympathetic to Russia and just were countering the Ukraine/NATO propaganda:

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    The material losses are so high, any counter offensive would be a last gasp. They can't hold a line. Unless they've kept their air force parked for some reason until now.
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    Fleeing to Canada is a universal right, apparently!
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    Seems like it’s time for Putin to accidentally jump out a window.
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    Putin is about to try and do something really stupid
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    I suppose being told, essentially, we need 300,000 more people to act as cannon fodder for a war most of them of fighting age think is probably stupid anyway leads one to say they'll get the [uck fay] out of Dodge. I would.
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    Putin is [uck fay]ed and he probably knows it. Anything he says or does from this point forward is with the goal of slowing the decline that is his support.

    That also makes him even more dangerous.
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    Yep, he is getting backed into a corner quickly.
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    Playing offense with hastily trained conscripts always ends well.
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    Putin is basically murdering these guys.
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  20. IP

    IP "You don't know what it is like in our universe."


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