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    I was actually coming here to talk about this. He was a great player and in that awesome group of 4 in the State last year.

    I saw him last week at the Spring Fling. He was wearing his UT Tennis gear and watching his little brother, who btw, is also very good. Little brother took home the AAA crown over a spanish exchange student who, despite a less than stellar serve, was a pretty decent player.

    Karl was on his was back to Tennis and played some in the fall. Can't help but think the second rd of cancer will probably end his career. He looked in good spirits, but physically looked like one who has been through the battles one would expect from cancer.

    I would keep an eye on the brother though. Not sure he is quite the prospect Sean was at this age, but do not think he is far off. He will be a rising Junior I believe.

    Outside of Karl, the only other male prospect that stood out to me was Spencer Richey of MUS (not including Walker Sims of MUS who won his 2nd D2 Title...bc he is already signed and headed to Navy). Richey will be a senior. One of those kids that is a good player now but may have a lot of upside in college if he can continue to put it together. Great frame and a really good athlete. He won his second consecutive Doubles crown.

    Kenya Jones, a sophomore from White Station Memphis, won her 2nd singles crown. The rising Jr, is already one of the top ranked players in the nation in the 18s....heard her say that TN is recruiting her hard..which is a good sign bc UT LVs Tennis coaches have been really lazy to me in past few years. Case in point, her older sister in the #1 player at UTC...could have easily played in Knoxville...everyone knew the younger sister was going to be a stud...so why not recruit older sister?
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    Appreciate the info.
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    SEC champs, beat Florida in the final today. Actually beat them at least twice, one of the officials must have attended Florida. Or can you bet on college tennis?
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    I had that muted, wtf happened? Serve looked good? Then that doucher was holding up 3 fingers a bit later.

    That Florida guy deserved to lose on account of being a douche alone. Taunting through out the match.
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    I don't know the rules exactly, but it was something like if you lose 3 challenges (in a set?), it's an automatic point for the other player? When it was 5-5 in the third set, they gave Florida an ace on a serve that was a fault by at least half a foot, which gave him 6-5. IDK if that was one of the challenges. There was a shot that went long that they reversed and called in at like 2-1 of the tiebreak. And then the last one was match and championship point, they called the good serve out late while we celebrated, I guess we challenged it, and then they gave them an extra point.

    It wasn't easy to tell who was challenging. They bounced around, but it seemed like that was the only match with challenges? And they straight up gave that match to Florida. Really weird.
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    Yeah the UT serve definitely looked good on tv. And I do remember that serve they gave UF. You could see plenty of space between the ball and white line so no idea how we would’ve lost that challenge.
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    Because the SEC officiating is either incredibly incompetent or dirty. Don't know which, it ends up looking about the same.
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    I'll take conference titles anywhere I can get them. Nice work boys!
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    The Men beat Georgia 4-1 today to advance to the final four.
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    Won the doubles point. Need 3 out of 6 singles.
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    Singles are not going well at all.
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    I'll always be proud of any Tennessee program that some fight in them and this tennis team had loads of it. It was fun to follow.
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    We just won the individual doubles natty.
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    Individual doubles sounds like jumbo shrimp
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