What an asshole.

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by IP, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    You may be right, cotton. But I don't have very much "game" and don't pretend to. I certainly don't need the headache of that kind of drama (I have two other female roommates, it takes a lot of diplomacy as it is to keep them from getting too nasty with each other. If I were to bang one, I would lose my air of impartiality and the 3 would just go to war).
  2. Daddy Gee

    Daddy Gee Chieftain

    That's beautiful. Reason #49102938 that dogs are awesome.
  3. cotton

    cotton Stand-up Philosopher

    I simply assume that drama is a cost of having sex with anybody. I don't think you should discriminate against your roommate just because of that. It also sounds like if you got with all three of them, either individually or in combination, equilibrium would still be established. Just a suggestion.
  4. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    I'm not Brad Pitt, and they're not all hot.
  5. Volst53

    Volst53 Super Moderator

    That sounds like hell.
  6. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    It's like a weird re-do of Three's Company, accept instead of pretending to be gay I'm actually a nerd.
  7. MaconVol

    MaconVol Chieftain

    You have quite a situation on your hands IP. Here is a suggestion to deal with your neighbor. Late at night, blare Rocky Top to wake him, and in the process, that will show him just how much of a bum [uck fay]ed Tennessean you are.
  8. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    A Power T flag flies proudly in the Fall, but I don't leave it out otherwise. The thin air and bright sunshine bleaches the shit out of things quickly.
  9. KingWebbsticles

    KingWebbsticles Chieftain

    You've gotta take one for the team.
  10. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    Where are you at that you got 2 feet of snow. Oh and you should probably kick that [uck fay]s teeth in. Just my two cents.
  11. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

  12. zehr27

    zehr27 8th's VIP

    I'm in Indiana and we have had the mildest winter I have seen in years. Cant wait for golf weather to resume.
  13. IP

    IP Advanced Pruitt Apologetics Bot

    Up until last week, it was mild here too. About to be again. A meteorologist pointed out that it was like we skipped January and February, and have gone right into March (which is when Denver gets its most snow).

    Ironically, Eastern Europe is getting the coldest winter they've had in several decades. Snow on the Parthenon.
  14. Volst53

    Volst53 Super Moderator

    We still have 9 snow days and it sucks
  15. rbroyles

    rbroyles Chieftain

    Nerd or not, I would consider you what females call a good looking guy(no homo). Unless one is grossly ugly or has hygiene issues, you owe it to yourself to go for either a threesome or foursome. Trust me, you will regret not doing it later. If I am ever near Denver you will hear me knocking at your door.

    Oh, I make a guess that asshole neighbor is jealous of you.
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  16. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    Not just Rocky Top, every redneck song you can pull off.

    Tight fittin' jeans by Conway Twitty, any David Allan Coe, Dinosaur by Hank Jr, George Jones and Merle.

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