Your World Series Game 7 Thread

Discussion in 'Sports' started by CardinalVol, Oct 28, 2011.

  1. NYY

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    I was thinking this morning that the only thing that pacifies the hatred I have for Tony LaRussa winning a title again, is the fact Stan Musial got to witness the team he loved win another title. That, to me, trumps anything I feel for LaRussa.
  2. NYY

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    Very classless move by Torre. Lee Mazzilli had a big part in that debacle, too. But merely even suggesting it is a horseshit move. Carrying it out is next level shit.
  3. CardinalVol

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    Woke up this morning just as happy as when I went to bed.

    06 was different. That was more of a "finally" since it had been so long (shut it Red Sox fans). This is just enjoyable and insane. What a run. Never should they have done this. I wrote them off, everyone wrote them off. When TLR was upset they lost to the Reds on Labor Day because it was messing up what they were trying to do, I laughed. Then they started winning....a lot. Then they swept the Braves in mid-September. Then they managed to trump the Braves, which was oh so sweet for this East Tennessean. Then Carp's gem in game 5 against Halladay. Then they shut up the Brewers. Then Pujols' show. Then a rainout. Then game 6. Heck, last night when they won I wasn't cheering, I was sitting there laughing at the absurdity of this, because there is no better word to describe it.

    That's why I love baseball gentlemen. The one month from Sept 28 to Oct 28 cannot be matched in my book, ever. It was that special.

  4. The Dooz

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    [uck fay] baseball. this was the worst season in recent memory.

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