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Discussion in 'Recruiting' started by govols182, Aug 24, 2015.

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    I'm sure he is. However, when other schools are telling kids that UT is facing a bowl ban over the lawsuit they just settled, it goes to show most all coaches say just about anything. Maybe someone like Saban can let his record speak for itself but you can count those guys on one hand. I'm not endorsing Butch, he sucks, but being full of shit with recruits is one of my least worries.

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  2. RockyHill

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    There's a huge difference between the things all coaches engage in to get recruits and being a straight up snake oil salesman. It's honestly miraculous that Butch's career has made it this far.
  3. Volnbama

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    I'm sure all Clemson had to do was show him Josh Malone's career after he chose UT over Clemson. Clemson's WRs go to the NFL and Butch can't get a receiver over 500 yards
  4. 2Maggitt2Quit

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    OV on VN says UT notified the NCAA about a payment request from Tee's handler. Not sure how taking a page from Bruce Pearl's playbook could go wrong.
  5. zehr27

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    Usually not a good idea.
  6. kptvol

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    Heard an Oak Ridge guy on the radio the other day talking about Tee's recruitment. Said Butch came to a basketball game with a police escort of like 4-5 officers and stood in the corner the whole time, arms crossed and trying to look tough and important. Left at halftime.

    Dabo also visited one of Tee's basketball games. Hecame by himself. Sat in the stands with Tee's mom. Stayed the entire game and then signed autographs for anyone that asked afterward.
  7. Unimane

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    However much damage anyone thinks Butch did.....it's worse than you thought, no matter what you thought. He is the coaching equivalent of stage 4 pancreatic cancer.
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  8. NorrisAlan

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    I am slowly learning this. I thought he was bad. I mean BAD. And told anyone listening to me that he was bad.

    Then I see the end of last season and the beginning of this season and realize that it was orders of magnitude worse.
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    It's almost comical how much contempt I have for a person that I have never met, [uck fay] butch jones.
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    I thought this was more widely known.

    He stood out in the parking lot giving away pizzas at Beech with a police escort back in the day while he was recruiting Hurd. He had an escort at Station Camp for Malone as well.
  11. warhammer

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    Well, he was a little fellow after all. Don't be fooled by the shoes. It's understandable he would be nervous out like that.
  12. NYY

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    He had me escorted out by the police at his coaching clinic a few years ago. I still put that on all of my resumes.
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    Gonna need details here.
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  14. justingroves

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    That's resume worthy
  15. CardinalVol

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    Friend of mine went to a coach's clinic one year and Monthe Kiffin was one of the speakers. He's going through it, and at the end tells them that if they wanted more info, to come up there with a jump drive or give him an email and he'd send you the PPT breakdown he used to teach it to the players.
  16. Volst53

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    Coach O gave his cell phone number at the Kiffin coaching clinic to those that his presentation.

    Easily the best one I've ever been too.
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  17. A-Smith

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    I would have tried to steer my kid away from Tennessee with Butch for sure. At least the three Clemson guys didn’t stay in the SEC.
  18. CardinalVol

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    I bet it was good. Although I'd have to think a phone conversation would Coach O would be equally funny and frustrating.
  19. Tenacious D

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    I have a good friend who was born and raised in Clemson, SC, but whose job caused him to be transplanted here. Obviously, he is a gigantic Tigers fan, has been a sizable booster to their program for 25+ years, and is personal friends with Dabo - including vacationing together and hosting him in his home when Dabo is in the area overnight.

    My friend likes and will root for Tennessee, but he’s a Clemson fan, first and foremost.

    While Dabo found Butch’s utter incompetency and over-the-top pretentiousness laughable, he so thoroughly used it to his advantage as to later start to genuinely pity and feel sorry for him.

    Dabo damned sure doesn’t laugh at or feel sorry for Pruitt.
  20. CardinalVol

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    Dabo is a better man than I then.
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