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Discussion in 'Politicants' started by Savage Orange, Mar 11, 2019.

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    he's more of a colloidal silver guy.
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    I’ve been watching this outbreak of measles from what I thought was a safe and protected vantage point, insofar as everyone who I care about is vaccinated, and needn’t worry. And now I’m reading that even vaccinated people can still contract it and wonder WTF we’re doing with this shit. To be certain, a vaccinated person has a very, very small chance of contracting it (as I understand it), and certainly much less than an unvaccinated person, but still, why are we playing with this.

    Y’all can bookmark this post, because this may be the first and only time that I actually want a law that requires something - and compulsory vaccination is it. Or make a damned compound in the middle of Death Valley and put everyone in it who refuses.
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    I am from a time when all we had was polio vaccinations (with the scar to prove it). My brothers and I had to endure German and Red Measles, Mumps, etc. I would not wish that shit on any kid.

    You can bet you azz when they developed those vaccines, we had our kids 1st in line.

    People/organizations that have promoted the vaccine scare pizz me off.
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    My wife was just given a huge jar of this stuff by a customer. What is your take on it? The guy claims its amazing.
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    well, there is no scientific basis for it having any role in body function or in treating any disease or ailment. it can eventually cause you to turn purplish blue, and at some point becomes damage to your organs.

    It's snake oil. a dose won't really harm you, but it doesnt do anything for you either. regular longterm use would be a bad idea.

    If it worked as described, you would know it because it is cheap as hell compared to actual medicine.
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    I figured as much. The guy is a "natural healer" type. I will have the wife toss it out. No need to turn myself or anyone in our family the color of Butch Jones.
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    I was in Wal-Mart the other night for some band aids, and was stunned to see ear candles on the shelves. Actual ear candles, in various styles(?), colors, uses(?).

    In today’s day and age.
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    How well did they work?
  11. Indy

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    He didn’t enjoy them as much as other... methods..., but now NYY can truly say that he’s tried literally everything.
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    After about the fifth one, you just feel really constipated. I’m not big on instructions.
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    The skin discoloration is generally splotchy like Butch's underwear midway through the first quarter of a tune up game.
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    Wrong thread.
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    I love central planners.

    I do support relaxing of regulations and zoning laws that really limit urban gardening.
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    If she were a 2A fiend, she’d be like these goofs in open-carry states who walk around places like WalMart in black BDU’s, combat boots and a Gadsden flag t shirt with an AR 15 slung over their shoulder... not to mention the biggest OWB handgun they can find...
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    let’s get real, cauliflower sucks
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    Just going to take a little re-education on your taste buds for the harmony of the community and the survival of the planet.

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