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Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by cotton, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. Ssmiff

    Ssmiff More fragile than Mr. Glass

    Lost to Team Wisconsin 7-3 quarterfinals. Much better than us and some big boys on defense. They ended up beating Indiana 10-1 in the final. My son not ready for that level of play yet but its all good. Good experience for him. Did draw a penalty today, but thats about it. It was also hot af
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  2. Ssmiff

    Ssmiff More fragile than Mr. Glass

    Today was the day as a dad, you look at your boy or girl and they arent your little one anymore in a sense. It will happen to all of you with kids. You will look at them or a pic and you reflect. Th 2019-07-01_09.54.41.jpg ey go from 10 to 13 years old and the time is gone,
  3. RockyHill

    RockyHill Loves Auburn more than Tennessee.

    Seeing your lacrosse posts gives me the itch to want to coach at some point. I started playing right after quitting basketball and I realized day 1 that having really good defensive basketball coaches made me totally understand lacrosse defense on day 1. It’s an awesome sport.
  4. Ssmiff

    Ssmiff More fragile than Mr. Glass

    Wisconsin scored 3 goals on pick and roll with a backpick for the roller. I didn't know such a thing existed a year ago. Its an awesome game live. Fast and some angry kids who will take some cheap shots, get a 30 second penalty, then come right back and do it again.
  5. RockyHill

    RockyHill Loves Auburn more than Tennessee.

    I was really lucky to play for a defensive coach that himself played at the college level for a legendary defensive coach. We were running a scheme that was light years beyond what anyone we ever played was doing.
  6. CardinalVol

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    10U won district last night. In 4 games they outscored opponents 53-6. Competition is so weak, I still have no idea what it will mean moving forward.
  7. kmf600

    kmf600 Has VIP access/energy vampire

    I would have liked to see you guys keep the opponents under 1 run
  8. CardinalVol

    CardinalVol Uncultured, non-diverse mod

    Watching the 10U Little LEague state title game. Good God Goodlettsville is a machine.
  9. justingroves

    justingroves supermod

    They can pull from three counties, Robertson, Sumner and Davidson. There's also some really good people that care that run it
  10. cotton

    cotton Stand-up Philosopher

    Wrapped up the more serious of the jr golf leagues today. It was a really good experience and is an example of the way youth sports leagues should be run, IMO. Cotton Jr. didn't play in all of the events, but he finished with a 1st, a 2nd, 2 3rds and a 4th as a 9yo in the 9-10 division, so I'm pretty proud.
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