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    I don't think it means we get to end a life, just that it shouldn't be a clear cut allow it/ban it situation.

    Frankly, I don't give two [uck fay]s about the women's right to choose or the dad's right to have input in the decision. I just want the right thing to be done for the kids, whatever that ends up being.
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    In my opinion, implantation is required before you can have an abortion. A separate organism is created at fertilization, but many fertilized eggs do not implant or result in ectopic pregnancies. If someone wants to rule in vitro as a person, that's fine with me, but that is a problem for that industry. My only concern is abortion.
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  4. Savage Orange

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    Which is why this entire argument will never, ever have a mutually agreeable solution. It’s not a black and white, 2 sided right/wrong deal. There are multiple angles and the most basic question (where does life actually begin) can’t even be agreed on.
  5. Unimane

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    That was my point. How is consent relevant in this argument? It isn't.
  6. Savage Orange

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    One side effect of all the latest conversation I bet we’ll see more of is GOP candidates having to answer questions about whether they have ever paid for or encouraged their partners to have an abortion. If it could be proven that they did I bet some careers are going to go swirling down the toilet... Trump is already totally dodging those type of questions.
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    I guess we know that it won’t take DesJarlais down.
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    I see where Bammer is returning a multimillion dollar gift (over $26 million, iirc) and removing the donor’s name from the law school over the abortion thing. I think there is more to it than just that but the abortion vote is definitely a component.

    My old man always said “you can’t take spite to the bank”...
  9. Tenacious D

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    If it isn’t conducive to their values, they should refuse it.

    Now, we can talk about what those values are, or should be, but that’s something else, entirely.
  10. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    I was just thinking the other day about how a state’s passing such a law as Bama now has, and which so strongly flies in the face of precedent, so as to intentionally force them to take up an issue, might sit with SCOTUS, and how that might affect their deciding or dispensing the case, admittedly or not.

    It may not have any bearing whatsoever, and perhaps it shouldn’t, but I can’t help but think that they’ll worry about what precedent such will set, and how they might view such a ham-handed and roughshod approach.

    Were I to guess, I’d say dimly.
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    Money is what politricks are all about. Weird that anyone would refuse money.
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    It is almost unheard of in today's climate. It would have never happened at UT.
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    Well I think the roughshod approach is pretty purposeful. They don't want to just overturn Roe, they want to secure fetuses with heartbeats constitutional rights. If that were to happen, then abortion suddenly becomes illegal. I have no idea if there is an appetite for that on the court. But that is the endgame of these laws. If it happens, I imagine you will see states trying to secede go into hyper-drive.
  14. A-Smith

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  15. Tenacious D

    Tenacious D The law is of supreme importance, or no importance

    I agreed with everything right up until succession. That will never, ever, ever happen.

    Americans don’t pay enough attention or care enough to trouble themselves with what the government is already doing, to ever try to leave it.
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  16. A-Smith

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    This is a big deal in places like Oregon, Vermont, Massachusetts, etc. It would be cast as anti-woman and theocratic tyranny. In states where you've got over 3/4 identifying as socially liberal, and there are a handful of them, I don't think it's farfetched at all. Abortion is super-common. It's not a fringe issue. 25% of women have had abortions. I am not sure if it would lead to secession but there would be massive social upheaval, that make the 6 months after Trump was elected look like a walk in the park.

    (But perhaps I spend too much time reading left-wing Twitter I think I was the only one that voted in our poll that I thought Bernie would be the nominee.)
  17. IP

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    nobody is going anywhere. we are one people.
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    It would be a tragedy.
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  19. Savage Orange

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    What I COULD see is a states rights type of situation where like minded folks go live in areas where the politics/laws are to their liking. Do you see abortion as a “woman’s right to her own body” or is it “baby murder”? Does the thought of open carry give you the vapors or do you see it as ‘Murica the way Gawd intended it to be? States that cater to your worldview will see an influx of people just like you moving there to make sure that your shared belief system will be protected and folks that disagree will relocate to areas more suited to THEIR beliefs. It will become more of a United Regions of America (the South and Midwestern states will be bastions of conservatism and the Left Coast and New England will house all the liberals, obvi...) with the federal government overseeing the whole thing and settling disputes between regions. These regions will be interdependent but not bound by each other’s laws... this is something I really could see the country going to eventually.
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    Holy shit at 25%. Is that true? I need a link . That would blow my mind. Am I alone in not realizing it is anywhere close to that number?

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