Runaway teen "accidentally" deported

Discussion in 'The Thunderdome' started by IP, Jan 5, 2012.

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    She was 15. Lying or not, clearly the system isn't right when minors can lie their way to deportation.

    And no, she isn't "Spanish." Then, those lies would have been more believable. But she is of Latin descent. Basically, her skin color is what sold ICE? That is by definition racist.
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    Please don't go gsvol on us.
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    Hard to muster much sympathy here. All the girl had to do at any point was say here's the truth and problem solved. Well, possibly other problems, but not deportation.
  6. I'll make fun of politically correct bullshit until the day I die. Lucky for the nation, political correctness at the cost of common sense, is losing favor with most people.

    Ignorant little [itch bay] lied her way all the way to Columbia. Now it's Evil Ol' Whitey's fault?

    GTF outta here with that bullshit! She brought it on herself.
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    I think he meant the pictures..............
  8. aaahhh...It's been a long time since I was at VN. I only vaguely remember gsvol, and none of his posts. Thank you for the clarification.
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    So, I take it no one disagrees that this would be impossible if she were white? Doesn't that disturb anyone? Or do you think a white ginger kid can claim to be Bolivian, and get put on a plane?

    SOJ, the fact that you post pics of "kill whitey" shows that you view issues of racism as an "us against them" proposition where you think one instance of racism against whites justifies returns.
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    You honestly think we'd send a 15 year old kid claiming to be Macedonian but unable to speak Greek across the Atlantic?
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    I'm not finding it in the code, I am finding it in this actual practice. Imagine you have a teenage daughter who runs away, lies about her identity, and ends up officially reported as an illegal. That is [uck fay]ed up and should never happen. The only reason why it did in this case is because she "looked" Colombian. She didn't sound or speak like one. They just took a person who they already knew was a criminal at their word at who they were, and didn't question it.

    Seriously. "You're Colombian? What's your hometown? Speak a little Spanish for us." Seems like a basic thing to do as an ICE agent. Rather than just going off looks.
  12. Why in this society is it 'acceptable' to racist towards Whites, especially White males?

    The UF football team in the Gator Bowl is a perfect example. Can you imagine the uproar if a bunch of White players were using racial slurs towards the Black players? You have not heard a peep.

    The girl brought it on herself. Read the story, it is not like she is some innocent little angel. She's a little thugette. Has been for a long time.

    Her Momma is demanding answers (smells that lawsuit money). I have a question for her Momma. "Why was a stupid [itch bay] like you allowed to procreate?"
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    Yes, it was the picture. That cartoon looked very much like something gsvol would post. Good chance he already has.
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    Has anyone thought this girl wanted to get to Columbia?
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    I think everyone should step back from their beliefs on deportation and whether the girl is an idiot. Then think about the fact that is is somehow logical for official to go the deportation route on this one. If it was a white girl no doubt a therapist would have been brought in and worked with her. I do not think this is entirely racist but it is not human either. The logic I grew up in or came to believe was sound logic was far more human then what I am seeing modernly. We are now paranoid and think monsters are under the bed. These monsters speak spanish and are stealing our government funding. If we did not have these monsters all our ills would be solved of course. We have a frontrunner in the GOP who is willing to sacrifice our freedoms to get these monsters for us. The runner up now is also willing to do this deed and get rid of porn to save us. I do not remember a place or time where this type of hate led to anything good. I am deeply saddened America is moving in this direction. We will survive this and it will pass. I have feeling we are about to have a black eye in our history books. The civil rights movement of the 60s is about to have a repeat.

    On a personal note...I am trying to decide between not voting and voting for Obama. I am not sure it is even worth the energy of going to booth this election.
  16. MY GOD, MAN???? Have you not been paying attention the past 3 years? I don't see how anyone got hoodwinked by him the first time, but you get a pass for being a naive fool one time. To go vote for the idiot after seeing his record, is either lunacy or treason.

    Unqualified, incompetent, arrogant, racist, petulant, megalomaniac, who is suffering from malignant narcissism. Which of these Obama qualities is it that appeals to you?

    Stay home!
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    She's 15, it doesn't matter what she wanted.

    Look, you show me a story where a white monolingual minor got deported, and I'll apologize and close up shop.
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    It is kind of a rare event, right? I mean, this is the first one I've heard of, so, unless there is a moderate pool of samples to draw from, your request is rather unreasonable.

    How many times has this happened, anyway?
  19. fl0at_

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