The Butch Jones Doomsday Clock is now the Jeremy Pruitt Doomsday Clock

Discussion in 'Vols Football' started by IP, Sep 24, 2016.

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    Imagine if time travel were possible. The morning after the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl your future self comes to you (looking like Snake Pliscan) and tells you 20 years from now you will get corn holed by KY in Neyland...and it WON’T be a shock.
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    Here's what doesnt make sense.

    He gave Maurer a chance. He wasn't really ready but he provided a spark. The season changed and JG came back latter and played a part in finishing it. He earned some trust back.

    FF to this year. You pull JG after 6 turnovers in 3 quarters. Its basically the problems he has had since arriving in Knoxville. You put him back in to a game that you are still in and you manage him like a Fr which in turn gives you no chance of winning today.

    There comes a point where you have to take your medicine with another QB or let your experienced guy try and work it out and win whatever games he can.

    I dont know if the team just flattened out in the second half. If they did, I dont know if it was due to JG being on the field or the BYU like play calling. But it sure looked that way. If you re having to make a change like that just to pump energy back in to your team just like you did last year, we re asking the wrong question.

    Eventually, whoever the QB is can not continue to be the problem.
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    I mean, we pulled him, the next guy threw a pick, JG came back in and handed the ball of 12 times for a touchdown. At that point, with our offensive line steamrolling their defense, I see the logic of going with him again in the second half. He gets three drives

    1st drive (down 10): stay on the ground, get to 3rd and 2, try a run (which again makes sense), stuffed, punt on 4th and 1.

    2nd drive (down 17): holding penalty buries us deep, we run for 10 on the first play, JG drops back on the second play and takes a sack for a loss of nine. JG hits the safety valve on 2nd down to get to 3rd and 18. We run and punt.

    3rd drive (down 20): first play, run for 6. Second play, bad screen pass plus a personal foul gives us 3rd and 21. JG throws for 7 yards. This is his last pass of the game.

    I don’t really get the “if you’re going to play him, let him throw” complaint. We tried to let him throw, he took a sack. I guess we could’ve tried to throw deep in 3rd and 18 or 3rd and 21, but I don’t think our line can actually keep the pocket clean in obvious passing situations, so it’s kinda no win.

    I don’t think pulling him earlier makes any difference. Maybe going for it on 4th and 1 at our own 30 makes a difference. We convert, go down and score, it’s 17-14, the whole game changes. At the time, it seemed reasonable. In hindsight, maybe that’s where the game was lost. But we had more penalty yardage than we had yards of offense on the first three drives of the second half, and I’m just not sure Bailey changes that at all.

    Which is not to say that I don’t want to see Bailey moving forward. Keeping JG in only made a hint of sense when our OL was steamrolling them in the run game. That’s not going to happen next week, so we might as well try a quarterback who may give us a spark over the one that we know won’t.
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    That in and of itself really wouldn't have dampened anything. Now if you had explained to me that we would not win a single SEC championship for the next quarter of a century + (let's be real here), that would have been just a tad bit depressing.
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    There was a flash sideways in December of 2001 and we are all LOST.
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    Fulmer passed Bowden for all time wins on the main timeline. (Paterno had already retired after murdering Sandusky with his bare hands.) Saban, Brady and Belichick's nemesis, has won 5 Super Bowls with the Dolphins.
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    You guys still got banned from VolNation but it was because you wouldn't stop talking shit about women's basketball.

    Norris is not a mod because he posts too much about the Dolphins dynasty
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    I vividly remember my dad telling me right after the game to enjoy it, because you never know if it will ever happen again. 19 year old me thought he was crazy and we had built up a decent process for getting back there every few years.

    What a fool I used to be.
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    There comes a point when JG is not the problem. It appeared they handled him like a Fr they were trying to protect in the second half of a game that required a sense of urgency we never showed.

    Its time to move on to whoever the future is. History says to hold on.
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    Pruitt is not the one.
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    That was apparent after game 1 of last year.
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    Cracks in the foundation.....

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    I was pretty disappointed in the Pruitt hire. I was really out after 0-2 last year. But I got suckered back in bit by bit. But I am at the place I have learned to accept we are mid-pack bottom half. Not just our team, our program. It’s not as simple as spend the money on a winner. Players get worse here. Good coaches start making bad decisions. The National sports media was apparently correct. Just took me longer to accept.

    Pruitt could probably get us up to 8-4 over time. But we need something significant to happen to be a contender again.
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  15. NorrisAlan

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    Pruitt is going to be the football equivalent of Buzz Peterson.
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    That foundation is gone at this point.
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    There are just several major concerns not even mentioning the blowouts mentioned above.

    In no particular order:

    -The team in its current start looks no better than 2018 Tennessee.

    -Coming out flat with hardly any fire ever since the 1st half of the GA game ended.

    -The QB shit show continues to be a mystery as it pertains to the actual logic behind how that is being handled.

    -The defense has looked terrible as of late, particularly the secondary.....which was supposed to be one of the strong points of our D when Pruitt was hired.

    -The firing of Jimmy Brumbaugh and that whole situation.....especially considering there have been no similar changes at all on the offensive side.....which is a complete mess with no direction and seemingly no core strengths.

    .....among others.
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